Not Much . . .

Not Much . . .

. . . going on here. At least not much really interesting.

I got more RAM for my laptop. Lack of adequate RAM was indeed the main cause of the constant folder crashes as I tried to file. Windows 11 is still not as good as Windows 10, but at least I can work now.

Weird! When I wrote the title of this post, I looked up (out the window) and saw a white plane, possibly having taken of from the airport down the hill from us. Then when I finished the previous paragraph I looked up again and it looked like the same white plane crossing my window again. And Just Now AGAIN!!! Maybe it’s circling, but the weird thing is there are rarely any planes, and they usually look different. This is sleeker looking–almost like a tiny jet. (Too low and too small to have be a commercial jet and I’ve no idea what size and form private jets are.) The airport is mostly just a helicopter training school. [Fourth passing!] It had a commercial airline for only a couple of years because it has such limited runway space. [And now I hear a plane, but don’t see one. 5th passing?] I wonder what’s going on.

My computer tech called me a data hoarder. Hmmm… Yes, to an extent, but most of this data is machine embroidery designs and graphics. There are also hand embroidery designs, quilt designs and other needlework related things. It’s not hoarding like those homes we see on TV with (maybe) just narrow paths throughout the house and old newspapers and trash piled everywhere. Of course, I’m probably on the edge of being a books and needlework hoarder. I don’t have the emotional connection with my stuff that hoarders have, but I do have a LOT of books and needlework stuff.

And speaking of books, I got eighteen more today. One is poetry. I think all the rest are fiction–novels and short stories. I paid about the cost of two regular priced new books. New books always put me in a happy place. The Adventure Box is tea from August tea. August Uncommon Tea is probably the among best tea I have ever had. Perfect when reading. Books and Tea. Mmmmm . . .

And . . .

I have a new prescription for reading glasses. I discovered, when the ophthalmologist checked my current reading and computer glasses, that they are actually my computer and distance glasses. Evidently, either I or the eyeglass place mixed up the prescriptions. I don’t need the distance or computer glasses replaced, so all should be okay this time around. I’m actually somewhat amazed that I had no problems for the first eight or nine months of the wrong glasses.

Today I wanted to redo the dragonfly body on the string art I finished for Kris. The thread broke on a section I’d done and, rather than redo the whole section (body), I just did the part where the string broke. I didn’t like how it looked. The torso and tail of a dragonfly should be one. These parts are too different.

This time, rather than the sequined gold crochet thread I used a light gold perle 3 with some green highlights and mylar gold. I also added the mylar gold over the dark purple eyes.

I really like the thread wrap of the tail in the first image, but over all, the uniformity of the body is better.

I also daubed the knots with glue. I will attach the hangers and the deliver it to Kris after I order my new glasses tomorrow.

Yesterday I wanted to stitch. So I went to my living room sewing studio

How much better can it get?! Books on top and threads & fabric, and needles & pins inside!

This is all I got done. In order to see I had on my glasses and was also using the magnifying glass on the lamp. It was awkward, to say the least and isn’t really adequate. I still had a headache well within two hours, when I finally stopped. (I wore two pair of glasses for doing the dragonfly–also not particularly adequate.)

The dark thread is actually dark and medium green. The lighter threads range from a silvery gray-green to a very golden green. The colors show better in real life, but are still muted against the brown and tan. There are lots and lots more grasses to do.

Amongst my stitching does anyone else see the cat with an elf face looking at her from a bubble over her hip?

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  1. “I’m probably on the edge of being a books and needlework hoarder (or at least photos of such).” 🥴I am afraid this describes me to the tee, and I am proud of it! I love your blog!

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