Another TAST Dot

Another TAST Dot

I was sort of watching a soccer game. I drew the outer circle around a large spool of thread. After having so much trouble keeping the size even (I redid it twice), I found my circle stencil and drew two more for the orange and the inner yellow. The green, gold, and orange are week 8-buttonhole stitch. The center yellow is week 9-buttonhole wheel cup, although, I liked the look of the cup sides flattened in, so it ended up mostly not raised. The upper left is still a bit raised after checking it out, but I guess I pulled the detached buttonhole stitch a bit too snug for it to raise all around. It’s more like a shisha enclosure than a cup. I was finished when the soccer game ended. (We lost.)

As I drew my first circle, the pen caught on the fabric and skipped out a bit. To me, it looks like a teeny, tiny green bird sitting on the edge of the dot. I like it!

I had to change out the snowy background. I went with a simple lace and pinkish lavender to purple. I wish I could have a transparent header. I did check out the 2023 theme, but it kept the sample header, which I thought very odd. I couldn’t see how to change it and didn’t feel like spending time on it, today.

After I stitched the cat patch on my jeans, I figured I needed a new needle. Evidently doing that heavy stitching (which caused a lot of thumping) pulled or loosened something in the needle shank (or whatever it’s called) because no matter what I do, I can’t get a new needle to stay in ::sigh:: Oh, well. It’s about time for machine maintenance anyway. I’ll take it in one day this week. I hope I don’t have to wait too long to get it back. Maybe I’ll do something on my regular sewing machine. It’s not like I don’t have projects (or ideas) that can be done there.

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