Teeny Scraps

Teeny Scraps

I started with these:

Proceeded to this:

And ended up with this:

Somehow the very first purple piece did not stay in place as I stitched it, and, of course, I didn’t notice it for a bit–until I cut away the extra muslin, actually. I think it turned slightly with each strip, too. Maybe, if I do more of these, I’ll draw a grid on the muslin to help keep it straight. Or maybe not. I kind of like the idea of a wonky patch. The lavender piece on the left edge also came away from the pink one, so I patched in another piece. Oh, well. Over all I don’t think it looks too bad. (It looks better in person.)

It’s pretty fragile. The pink strip on the right is about a quarter inch wide (+ or -). They’re all held down with Jude’s glue stitch. I think I’ll end up machine quilting this one in a close grid. Even then, I doubt I’d use it for a functional quilt. Or even a pillow cover. On the wall and/or in a frame is probably the best way to keep from falling apart. I suppose if I’d have glued it down with Mistyfuse, or something like it, it might not be so fragile, but what’s the fun in that? Anyway, the point of doing it was to stitch it in place.

As I mentioned in my last post, stitching a kitty on my jeans created a machine problem. I took it in two weeks ago. The Husqvarna fix-it guy called yesterday. He told me it needed a new part (and stitching on jeans didn’t cause the problem). He doesn’t have the part, so it could be another two weeks. The weird thing, he said, was that he has three other machines with the same problem.

So instead of fighting with my sewing machine these last two weeks, I’ve been continuing to fight with my laptop. At this point, I HATE Windows 11. Everything I’ve had to do has taken about three times longer than it should have because of near constant folder crashes. And since it’s filing (organizing and purging) that I need to do, I’m interrupted constantly to restart explorer or my laptop. This does not help an ADD challenged person! The internet is right there to surf!

This week I need to get some early veggies started. Peas mainly. Probably also cauliflower. I need to go to the garden store and talk to someone about it. I don’t really know what else I need to know–only that I don’t. It has been so long since I gardened and that was in PA.

(Gee, I wonder what everyone is running from.)

I haven’t been good this week about keeping up with blogs. When I’m not filing, I want to be away from the computer. I will catch up, though. And although I did check in to email a couple of times, I need to deal with 533 new ones today. UGH What would I be doing today if we didn’t have computers? Reading more? Gardening more? It was the internet that introduced me to hand stitching beyond yarn and floss. Would we have home embroidery machines without the internet? Could computers be a “thing” without internet? Something to think about.

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