UFOs: Part 1

UFOs: Part 1

I have a lot of UFOs. Probably enough to be considered alien. I’m listing them here as much to have a record as to share. This group is all out of my sewing basket.

I discovered if I did all my photo editing on my phone, my photos retain their dimensions at halt the size they become when I open then in Irfanview or GIMP (my photo programs) and I can upload them here with no problems. Editing is limited because I don’t really know how to do it on the iPhone, yet. However, when the phone recognizes my finger/touch, I can turn and crop with no problem

I don’t know what prompted the start of this one. It was probably seeing one of Jude’s cloths. It has changed. I added to it, then took away. Originally it was just applique, then simple embroidery. Then after reading about Jude’s baskets, I wanted to make a nest and the embroidery became more intense. I got stuck trying to makes the babies’ beaks. I thought 1/8 ribbon would work, but it was so short it frayed beyond use. I also need to finish the tree and weave about 100 leaves onto it. And then… who knows? I tend to make it up as I go. When it’s done I’ll add a border and probably turn it into a hanging pillow cover. Iqbal wants to hang it, but we have much more decorative pillows than wall space. A hanging pillow cover is my either/or compromise.

This one is Street Dance. It’s partly inspired by Jude’s cloth weaving and partly from an idea in my head (and journal) for a large street scene quilt I may or may not get to or be able to do as envisioned. This was supposed to be a smaller version of that, but it’s morphed. As of now the street is glue stitched and the houses are cut out with roofs attached. I need to add sky, clouds, a moon, trees and possibly a bit of cityscape behind the houses before attaching them. Doors, windows, and porches will be embroidered along with any front bushes, trees and flowers. Maybe there will be a car or two. Finally there will be the dancers–definitely one or two front and center and possibly more behind them. This is a wall hanging. I may actually frame it if I like how it turns out.

These are scraps from a lap quilt I made over 25 years ago. I don’t think I ever planned to embroider it, but since then I’ve learned a bit about crazy quilting and I’ve always liked it, so I started stitching. This was always intended to be a pillow cover

I’ve talked about this recently. It started out a curved piecing practice. I’ve just been playing with it, making it up as I go.

This a a machine embroidery design. I don’t remember exactly why, but apparently I either removed it from the hoop, or it was loose and I pulled it to tighten it. In any case the front of the motorcycle doesn’t line up properly with the back. I stopped it before the misalignment became obvious at a quick glance (though if one looks closely it’s clear). I kept it because it just seems to be calling out for bright flowers. It’s still on my list, but low priority.

This is one of several panels I made for TAST in 2016-17 (I think). This particular panel of twelve is an extra one (or has more spaces than I needed), but the others need finishing– a few stitches not done and many still needing the names stitched in. Meant to hang, but will probably end up in page protectors in my notebook.

The embroidery stitching is done on this one. It still needs a border or two and to be turned into a hanging pillow cover.

This one has a pattern I was following. I need to find it, although I suppose I could try to copy the existing sides and just wing the ornaments, if I don’t find it. I think it had words, but I could wing that, too, if I need to. I’d like it to be finished by Christmas 2022, but I know better than to think it necessarily will. It might.

This is the doodle cloth I started in 2020 and filled with TAST 2021 and more. It will end up on Iqbal’s wall or in my notebook. I think all I need to finish is filling in the cat, but there are still little spaces here and there. Filling it as densely as possible was my plan when I picked it up in 2021.

This is a nine patch I made after starting Spirit Cloth 101. The embroidery is all TAST stitches. I have no idea what I’ll do with this. It may be finished for now. Or it may be the beginning of a larger cloth.

I got some new yarn. I also have a stack of upholstery samples. Pretty sure it’s couched on. It’s not in front of be right now to check, but all those slubs don’t exactly make it good stitching thread. I had no plan when I started, other than to see how the yarn worked on the sample, and I have none now.

This needs one more flower, maybe some grass. I may even out the fringe at the top. Or not. I like the fringe. This is another for Iqbal’s wall or my notebook. He’s going to have to start switching cloths and I probably need to get a new cloths notebook.

This was part of a stitch along in … maybe 2012. Things I Am Grateful For. Most people did a sampler, but I decided on an inchies book. There are a total of seven pages. I very much want to finish this. It’s not that I can’t think of what to be grateful for. It’s a matter of focus. Maybe I’ll heep this in the living room to pick up whenever.

This was another stitch along I didn’t finish. This should be quick to finish. It’ll make a nice hanging pillow covering or framed sampler.

And finally (for now), this is my just going cloth. Other than to glue stitch that woven section, I have no plans. Although… I just thought a section of… I don’t know what it called, manipulated fabric? A piece of fabric bigger than the space it covers.

I don’t know when I’ll get to UFOs: Part 2, but there definitely is a part 2. Maybe even a part 3. I do finish things, but I start way too many more. Some will probably never get finished. Time is not a good indicator. I had a quilt that languished for 15 years, then got a couple smaller ones done right after finishing it.

Right now I’m going to do a couple of weeks” TAST stitches. Current ongoing project is making tags for all TAST stitches.

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  1. I have to say I’m partial to the lap quilt scraps … that one should be fun to crazy quilt

    my own solution to having a stack of cloth pieces was to stitch a bunch of them onto a flannel sheet, which was how my current bed cloth project got its start

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