I tried to stitch it out today. I’m soooo frustrated. My machine’s tension is off. It’s not something I can fix because it’s automatic tension adjustment. Sewing machine shop is closed on Mondays, so tomorrow I’ll find out how long it’s going to take to get it’s annual checkup.

I’m uploading the design anyway. If you download it, it NEEDS to be test sewn. That’s because, just maybe, my digitizing program has a problem instead of my machine (or maybe both do). I don’t know.

Please look at the design carefully. In my constant reopening it in the program, I began to notice some differences. The cat texture disappeared once. A bunch of satin stitch sections showed up when I had none. I’m 99% certain I got all the cat faces fixed, but please check anyway. I’m not as certain about the satin sections. They may be ok, if not right.

All my available formats are included except .sew. No matter what I did, it would not save as .sew. It kept saying it was too larger for the hoop, no matter what hoop I entered. The large version of the design is 149.8 by 164.6 mm. It saved in the 200 x 200 mm hoop for every other design, but even the 90.7 x 95.7 mm design in the 250 x 360 mm hoop was “too big.” It makes no sense to me. I’ve asked about it at the Premier+ group io. We’ll see what happens.

PCS converted only one size.

The colors are all off. Since I never adjusted them in any way I don’t know why. Maybe it was just the different formats. I thought I used the vp4 for all the conversions, but maybe not. The PDF has the colors I digitized with, but my stitch out was different brands of colors I have on hand, a lot of which have lost labels. PDF is just a suggestion, anyway.

There are small differences between the different sizes, due to adjustments I had to make in the resizing process. As far as I know, it’s only in the spiders and webs.

So . . . If you really want to deal with all the issues, it’s here. I will get back to it (hopefully well before next Halloween), to get it all sorted out, but with less than a week to Halloween, and being stressed that my machine is misbehaving, and I still have Thanksgiving and Christmas sewing, it’ll be sometime in 2022.

I have a few Christmas designs I’ve already stitched that I’ll be looking for next. (My files need to be more organized!) There are also quite a few untested designs, that unless I use them myself, I probably won’t have time to test. Depends on how long it takes to do the machine maintenance. (In the past, it’s ranged from a week to just shy of four weeks. I think this time of year was the longer end.) I already need to multiply a reasonable length of time by two or three, to account for ADD, to have an idea how long it’ll actually take me to complete something. Stress just raises the factor. So, there’ll be a snowman or two or three, and a penguin, available in the Tested group, as soon as I find them. (I don’t remember if/what else.) If I don’t have as much trouble as I had today with conversions, I’ll probably dump everything else Thanksgiving and Christmas into the Untested group.

I have a whole new ton of respect for all the individual digitizers who manage to get new designs out weekly or even daily!

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