I think I fixed my upload size problem. . . . Nope. WP resizes my images! Actually it makes copies in various sizes, but won’t allow a full size image. I tried a direct link. They have not always opened because my webhost doesn’t allow direct (non html) links. Even on the same site, it doesn’t work all the time.

I was working on this a few days ago and didn’t get back to it, but until I figure out how to get rid of the upload size limitation (since my website is unlimited), or at least raise it, I’m back to uploading the images I want full size directly to the website and through the blog and switching the image in the html.

There’s no reason this image in particular would need to seen full size. I just grabbed a large image at hand. It’s a picture of the stitch tags I’m very slowly making. Samples of one stitch on each tag with the name and (eventually) simple instructions. I didn’t start it when TAST started, so it doesn’t have all this year’s stitches, yet, but I’m doing the current ones for this. Of course, I get behind on TAST, too.

I started to stitch out the box I wrote about last post, but it very quickly became clear that this won’t work as I originally planned. I had wanted the stars and the lines following them to be cutwork, but it’s really too small for that. It shouldn’t take too long to redo it, so maybe I can stitch it out tomorrow.

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