Such a Weird Day

Such a Weird Day

It started with my early morning dreams. I don’t remember most them (it), but I know that what I do remember was a continuation and the two people were talking about what happened. What I remember is two crewmen (man and woman) were settling into their hammock bunks in their spacecraft. The bunkroom was dark and foggy as if they were traveling through a foggy place at night in an open vehicle, but it was definitely a spacecraft and definitely closed. It wasn’t the StarTrek universe, but there were allusions to Capt. Kirk and Scotty. I wish I could remember more! Whatever happened, it was unsettling to the two crewmen and they both left their bunks and were sitting on something (table? cabinet?) discussing what had happened. The hammocks were in the fog, but where they were sitting was above the fog and I remember it floating gently, but speedily past their knees.

Then I woke up. I was breathing hard and could feel my heartbeat–more likely because my cpap mask had slipped than because of anything in the dream, but was still weird. Even weirder, although I’d had eight hours sleep and was not sleepy, my arms and legs in particular were tired and achy as if they’d been doing physical labor for those eight hours. (This, unfortunately, is not that uncommon, though no one seems to know why.)

I don’t know where the day went. All of a sudden it was time for dinner. Iqbal wanted pizza, but because of his shoulder surgery last week, he can’t drive (probably for the rest of summer), so I went to get it. It’s close, a place I know well, in my larger neighborhood, but somehow I managed to miss my turn. After I turned around, I over compensated and turned too soon. At least that was just the next parking lot. On my way home, I missed another turn because I was trying to keep my eye on traffic and adjust my side mirror which was somehow looking at the sky. None of it is serious or even worrisome, but it still felt just weird.

Working here on my website, I needed to make a password for a new area. No problem. But when I came here to make this post I kept getting a shaking wrong user name or password. It should be what I’ve been using these past months, saved in my browser, but it didn’t like any of the saved passwords. I finally sent for a reset password email, but after it hadn’t arrived in half an hour, I clicked the back button to try again and it still gave me that shaking response, but then I noticed I was signed in. HUH??? Weird. Well, that’s good, because I still haven’t received a reset notice.

Anyway, today, all day, I’ve felt that I’m on, or from, another planet.

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