What A Mess!

What A Mess!

The desks and shelves are in place, but nothing else is. I think I got everything that was on the art desk moved. I also think I’ll be working on both rooms at once for a while.

Here’s another NOT-TO-SCALE sketch

The yellow dashed lines give an idea how the room was cramped before. The cutting table is closer to the yarn chest and there’s only just enough room at each end to get around it and not that much more room on the longer sides. Just moving out the shelving that was along the long side of the sewing counter visually opened it up, as was removing two desks.

What isn’t in the sketch is all the triple thread drawers (7 or 9 of them) that were on the shelving. I don’t know where they will end up. The bookshelves separating sewing from exercise are 100% full. The other two shelves are too narrow. Somehow I also ended up with two extra desk chairs. And then there are the bins that need to be sorted, emptied, and used up or given away.

It’s all still a pretty overwhelming task, but I have started. Now I have a bit of momentum on my side. Quite a bit more energy would be useful, but I have to work with what I have. (It boggles me that my sister, with muscular dystrophy, and my brother, with multiple sclerosis, always have more energy than I do.)

(Didn’t realize the divider was an animated gif. Also just realized it’s the Tardis. That’s the kind of energy I want!!)

Another plus today was that I was up (temporarily) at 7 am and able to join Grace’s Trust meditation/contemplation. I didn’t have any revelations. I have to admit I was only partially present because I was up due to a, rare for me, stomach ache that woke me up. But I was grateful nonetheless. One thing I did think about was that trust is inextricably tied to thankfulness. At least, for me it is. When I can be thankful even through tough times, it’s easier to trust that things will get better. And things generally do get better, for which I am again thankful. The cycle continues enough that even when some situations don’t improve, I’m still able to find something to be thankful and my trust remains.

So far my thinking has been focused on trusting God (which for others might be the universe or the Life Force or something similar). Someone mentioned recently about learning to trust herself. I’d like to focus on thinking about trusting myself. (do I?) And trusting others. (Why do I and don’t I? How do I decide?)

I went back to bed at about 7:30 and had interesting dreams. Almost all my dreams are interesting while I dream them. All I remember now about this one was that I met a man who turned out to have once been a famous poet. He was kind of ignored any more, but I asked to read his poetry and it was fantastic. I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Young people (40 and under) were discovering it and sharing it. Wish I remembered some of it. Even a fragment would be fantastic memory. What I do actually remember is that it was very alliterative with lots of internal rhyme all without feeling contrived. I makes me want to get back to writing again. Unfortunately, the poem I started in my head before I got out of bed, was gone by the time I got to the kitchen. I did remember some words, so I will be plugging away at it for a while, a little at a time. Maybe something will develop. Not as good as the dream poet’s, but something.

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