Just Playing Again

Just Playing Again

Sometimes/always there are other things I could/should be doing, but my inner two-year-old takes over and apparently has no adult supervision. I managed to dry one load of clothes (washed the previous day), but I made a lot of kaleidoscope designs.

This started out as an abstract bird design. I deleted the background color, then used

  • painting/color abstract paint/comic book (and other) filters (each separate)
  • modes with two of the above (various combinations)
  • sharpen filter
  • symmetry kaleidoscope filter (10 divisions) (this image is design 100/360°)
  • relief light filter
  • drop shadow filter
  • centered nova filter
  • on a blended mix of blues from the deleted background of the original image

The layers, from the bottom up are

  1. blended blues background
  2. nova
  3. drop shadow
  4. relief kaleidoscope design

At some point I may upload all the kaleidoscope designs and provide a link from here. Or I may not. We’ll see.

One of the designs I did last week is clearly an embroiderable pattern. I want to try to make it.

On Saturday, while out shopping with my sister, I purchased some new embroidery threads, as if I actually needed them! My excuse to my internal parent is that they’re Anchor, not DMC, so have somewhat different colors, and I’ve never used Anchor before. Good enough. I’m thinking I might use these for the above-mentioned design.

But first, coffee! . . . er, I mean, first I need to finish a machine embroidered project I’ve put off for way too long.

(I keep seeing that “But first, coffee” on T-shirts, embroidery designs, posters and what-all, which is why it popped into my head as I typed.)

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