Weird Problems

Weird Problems

If only these were the worst problems people had.

Since sometime in the summer or fall of 2020* has been giving me problems with images. I’ve been back and forth with the web hosts about it. They are working on it, but with covid, everything goes more slowly.

Today I wanted to upload an image to show what I’ve been doing, but since it’s a huge animated gif, I knew I couldn’t upload it directly to wp. I went to the main website and found a page where all my images showed up. All I did was copy it, rename it, change the background, delete all but one image and change that to the new one and rewrite the description. It should have worked. When I uploaded it and clicked on the editor, the page showed up, but without images. When I viewed the image it was fine.

But that was all through the file manager. When I tried to bring the page up in my browser I got nada, not even the page without images. I don’t know why, but with all the clicking around I did as I tried to recreate what I’d done in an email to the webhost, I discovered part of the problem. Any page that starts https:// had no images. If the address bar said “Not Secure” before the address and was http:// it was fine. So the issue is security and since I installed this blog in July 2020 and don’t remember having a secure site before then, the blog could have created the problem. But then, everyone is updating to secure sites and it could be some glitch with the webhost–probably still connected to installing the blog, since no one else has reported a problem.

Well, we’ll see what happens. Meantime I’m going to try a Flicker embed. . . . Which doesn’t work. Apparently, although they accept video, Flickr doesn’t accept animated gifs.


So, this is what I was working with. It’s a geode, but not a hollow one–just somewhat clear in the center. (I wonder if that’s because it’s not quite finished becoming a full geode, or it’s gone past its prime, or if it’s just a different kind.) The image has been lightened and sharpened to see the details better. There are 100 layers in addition to this one–one every 3.6ยบ around the geode. I’ll get the animation up when I figure out how/where.

This is another rock I was playing with.

mossy rock

It looks like it’s wearing a green hat! I love how everything greens up in winter around here. Moss is fascinating. It grows on everything in one form or another. Lichens too. Any unused section of our blacktop driveway (which is most of it) is now green. Rocks are green. Tree trunks and branches are green.

Unlike the geode, I played a lot with filters on this one. I’ve forgotten offhand which one I chose, but it’s another pretty animation I can’t post yet. But I did more with it than kaleidoscope.

A cave?

I think this filter was called continuous droste. I also has relief light and layers with drop shadows. I matted and framed it because my husband liked it so much. He can “hang” it on his desktop, or print it out and literally hang it somewhere in his den.

Since the program does so much of the work, I’m not sure how much is actually my creativity, especially with the kaleidoscopes. However, there is definitely some of my creativity involved. And, actually, the main reasons I do them is because 1) they’re pretty and it’s soothing to create/view pretty things. 2) I get lots of ideas for mostly embroidery designs, but also for quilts and fabric art. I’ve already printed one or two onto cloth for quilting.** And 3) truth be told, I really want to learn how to 3-D print a lot of the designs into buttons and beads.

I’m hoping that by next week I’ll be able to start posting some UFOs and that doing that will give me the impetus to get them finished. I hope. Nothing like that is ever guaranteed for this ADDy woman.

* This links should work, since I left the s off. Not that there is anything new anywhere but the blog. (I might get around to updating it.) If you do want to wander around and you come to a page with the broken picture symbol(s), just delete the s (https:// should be http://, but it will tell you it’s not secure) and images should show.

** I have a dye printer made for printing cloth (something my sister got and tried and then decided she didn’t want to do). Right now I need to get some dye for it, but at least one approximately 4″ x 4″ square was printed with that. I’ve also printed small bits with my photo printer (before it got stuck in a paper jam that’s no longer there). I looked into Spoonflower, but don’t think I’m cut out to be a fabric designer. (Besides, I’m retired!) All I really want is small designs I can use to create unique cloths.

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  1. this was way out of my depth until I got to the part about printing on cloth … for sure I’ll be watching to see what you come up with

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