Friday, Already? Again?

Friday, Already? Again?

Today has been another day I didn’t do what I intended to do. Actually, that’s pretty normal for me. I was going to sand my benches. Instead, we picked pears. Whatever is left on the tree is for the birds… or squirrels. Or the bugs, particularly when they fall to the ground.

Today’s bounty

We don’t poison our tree, so the fruit is always iffy. We eat up the best ones and dry (or maybe freeze, this year) the rest after cutting out the bad spots and slicing them

I didn’t want to go back inside, so I weeded the dormant vegetable garden, lopped dead branches here and there–and a few too low live ones, and culled some dead leaves and blossoms. It wasn’t a lot of work, and it didn’t feel particularly hot. Still I came in tired and sweaty. I remember the days when I was out working from the time Alex left for school until he returned–or later. And if I was tired and sweaty, it didn’t bother me particularly. I wonder if I’ll be able to rebuild my stamina (or whatever).

I want to grow asparagus. I was thinking in the back bed in the garden. I’m not sure that will be the best spot though. But maybe if I get a drip/soaker system set up it will work. And I’ll plant strawberries in another bed (which have stayed alive in the pot, but not had more than a couple of berries). Also thinking of planting winter rye this fall, to help restore the soil.

I also want to grow artichokes. Maybe two plants. Those will go into the back border. And some rhubarb next to the peonies. They all (including what’s already there) will need some soil enrichment, good composting and mulch. And a much better watering system than me using the hose, but not every day

Blackberries grow wild here. Unfortunately, mostly in my flowering shrubs. Instead of simply cutting the current one, I want to dig it up and replant it where I can reach and restrain it, either in a large pot or a walled bed. It would be nice to be able to eat more than a few berries.

And I need to repot all my blueberries. I may have more than my original six plants.

3 thoughts on “Friday, Already? Again?

  1. I didn’t do everything I planned to do either, but I did do a couple of important things and talked to a co-worker. Good enough. After 17 months on furlough, I really need to “rebuild my stamina “. Ugh.
    That’s a lot of pears!

  2. this reminded me of the pears at my great aunt Libby’s home on Shelter Island … with hammocks slung underneath, we had to find our way carefully through the fallen fruit beloved by the wasps/hornets/bees (I can’t recall which) that buzzed about

    and I share your love of wild blackberries, know as dewberries in Texas … they’re a late-spring fruit here and ever so much better than what you can get at the store … and your post has me wondering if they can be trained up a trellis … hmmmm

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