Trying Something New

Trying Something New

I’m trying a desktop program to see if it will let me set up a page the way I want it set up. I’m not exactly thrilled with the WordPress limitations, especially since I don’t need them and never had them before.

This is something called Open Live Writer (OLW). It’s on my computer, not online, but it’s connected to my blog and apparently I can publish directly from here. We’ll see.


Asset 19


It rained!! It never rains in August, but it did! And the sky is partly cloudy. Pretty clouds.1

 I’m just playing. I’m using different fonts and colors, because, on my computer, they work. I know others won’t see the fonts unless they have them on their computer, but I’m curious if they, and the colors, will transfer to the blog. Well, black and dark blue are really the only good reading colors on white.2

I’m really bad. There’re so many things I could be doing instead of this. Some I should be doing. I did vacuum the living room carpet, though.3

I should be doing… let me count the chores. <– Now I want to turn that into a sonnet.4


How I feel today (listen)8   arrow       sloth 9  (Tjere’s no way to upload audio!!)  


Let me see if a very large photo will upload. (Dark green is a good color, too.) I might work on this this afternoon.5




It doesn’t solve the upload size limitation7

It does go back to the classic format, not that that matters if I’m using the OLW.5

(For other font junkies)8

1 Amatir

2 Amalline

3 Shrag Script

4 Lucida Handwriting

5 leafs

6 Blossom Heart

7 AudiaWave

8 Ancient

9 Appealing


 This is how I see this page


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