Days 1 & 2

Days 1 & 2

I’m still feeling minor effects of our year-end-bug. Moreso yesterday than today.

Our holidays were dulled by this bug. Alex arrived with it, but we had probably already been exposed. It wasn’t covid or the flu. Just a dang annoyingly strong cold. There was no fancy cooking, and no kitchen makeover

We watched a couple of movies and lots of tv shows. The movies were Gone Girl and The Fabelmans . . . and part 1 of an Indian move with such very poor subtitles that I had no idea what was going on. Alex and I watched all of Sharp Objects and we all saw lots of House, which Alex is watching beginning to end. Iqbal stayed home on Christmas day, but Alex and I had a nice time at Debie’s.

Yesterday was no different from the usual. It seemed like a Sunday to me. I got up around noon and puttered the day away. So the new year started with a “fffffffffffftttttttttttttttt.” But I did manage to get myself to bed by one o’clock.

So that meant that day two started as I had hoped for day one. I was up and about before ten am. So far I’ve watered plants, and put away some of the Christmas stuff. But it’s still morning!!

I don’t make resolutions. Resolutions wake up my inner two year old and pretty much guarantee I won’t get them done. I have hopes. One of my 2024 hopes was to get on more of a day schedule. This is a good start, despite yesterday being the same old late start day.

It’s only 11 am now and I hope to make some pretty coasters and maybe also work a little in my art journal.

This has been a pretty boring post. I guess it’s more of a marker, since my days all tend to be squashed together in my memory. Having something written, even if boring, helps separate the days. I’m not sure why I put this here instead of writing in my paper journal.

Maybe just my way of crowing that I got up early (for me) today and to express my hopes to continue getting up at 9 am instead of 12 pm. Plus, I haven’t posted here in ages, so, if I have any readers, y’all will know I’m still here.

Right now I need to close and get this laptop off my lap or the day will be gone. And I have an appointment at three. So If I want to get anything done, I need to get to it NOW!

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