Got the bathroom cabinet door fixed. It just needed a screw. While I was in there I wiped down the shelf I had to clear to work. When I was done I vacuumed the floor and put down a clean carpet.

Next I went in search of my camera and microphone. My den computer is 15-16 years old and is still working great, but does not have those built in. I tested three mics before I realized that they all work fine–just not with Cortana. I still haven’t found the camera. I may have to be audio only for my meeting tomorrow.


I ended up taking the laptop into the den. I’ll probably continue that until I find the camera. More important is finding a way to keep my feet up while sitting two hours in the den. They were swollen the rest of the day, even sitting in the recliner.

I woke up Sunday thinking it was Monday and was so relieved it was Sunday, because it was a zero energy day for me.

Back in April my doctor prescribed Adderall at the lowest dose. It sorta worked . . . maybe . . . not really, so he prescribed the next level. Same response. But one day I put the new dose into my pill cup, not remembering I’d changed my mind about taking the lower dose the previous day. So, instead of double the original, I had triple, but I also got a lot more done that day. I mentioned this to the doctor. He looked askance at my error, but said we (I) should try that dosage. That was the end of May.

Adderall is a regulated drug. As my son dryly points out, “It’s speed, mom.” Okay. That’s why the doctor asked me not to take it every day, only when I really needed to focus. But he ordered me the capsules, rather than tablets. Any idea how hard it is to fill an Adderall capsule prescription?? VERY H A R D!! It was renewed twice before I finally, actually got it this past weekend! (There is an actual shortage, I just read, so it’s not because it’s regulated.)

All this to say that I had my first dose of the time release 30 mg. of the drug yesterday. I didn’t notice anything, didn’t feel any different. In fact, I’d forgotten I’d put into my pill cup (and Iqbal adds so many vitamins and supplements to my cup that I wouldn’t notice another). (Also I put my meds into the cup at night and now am alert to anything left from that day.) Anyway . . .

As I reviewed my day last night, it occurred to me how focused I’d been all day. Although I didn’t get everything done, I forgot only one thing on my list (rescheduling a hair appointment). Being focused is a good feeling, especially after several (like, 20!) years without focus except in rare, relatively short bursts.

  • 2 loads of laundry
  • paid bills
  • Watered all three sections of the yard/garden (never grass, no large trees/bushes)
  • put ladder away
  • watered houseplants

Doesn’t look like much, but I was busy from one to nine, with only short rest breaks and dinner.


Nothing to list today. Well, I’ve written this and I took Iqbal to his doctor appointment. I read my book while he saw the doctor and we stopped for a few groceries on the way home. It’s no fun being out in rush hour traffic.

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  1. it’s interesting, how some days feel Good….just right even. What makes that so?
    not necessarily the number of things accomplished, but maybe just the rhythm of
    it all????

    1. I agree that it’s not necessarily what gets accomplished. For me, I think it’s as much a state of mind as anything. Now I’m wondering how much rhythm plays into that. It makes sense.

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