Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Our house is tucked in on the east side of a hill in such a way that we get only mild winds, usually. There have been storms where our trees barely moved, yet once off our little street there is plenty of evidence of a serious wind storm. Right now there is heavy pouring rain. Our trees are moving only in response to the downpour. (And the sun peeked out as I wrote that sentence!) In the distance the trees were swaying quite a bit. The clouds are moving fast. But what caught my attention was a single strong gust of wind that went through my maple tree outside the living room. As the branches returned to their normal position, the rain they shook off was pretty much equal to the heavy rain coming down. Nothing exciting or profound. It simply caught my attention.

This same maple tree is about as red in the spring as it is in the fall.

Taken today
Taken in autumn

I did lighten only the red a bit in today’s photo because it looked almost brown. Now it’s more what I see. The backdrop of spring is vastly different from autumn, despite both days being overcast (though it looks like the sun peeked out again as I snapped today’s photo).

Because it’s been raining (hard off and on) for the past two days, the deck work has not progressed.

This post and this post have both got me thinking, today.

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