A.D.D. Pack Rat Tidying

A.D.D. Pack Rat Tidying

I’ve not written because I’ve not really done much of anything worth writing about. I have been mostly cleaning and organizing. I don’t have any plan. Some days I don’t do anything. On other days (more and more), I just do something in whatever room I’m in, or want to be in, and work for as long, or short, as I feel like that day. No goals I need to meet. Nothing that can say I failed to do it. This seems to be working for me.

  • My den is done except for a few miscellaneous items that may or may not be resituated, and book inventory.
  • For book inventory, I have one bookcase, out of six in the den, done. The den is about one fourth to one third the total books in the house. This will take a while. While it needs to be done, it is not the highest priority. Plus I end up wanting to read instead of work
  • The laundry is about 80% done Lots of stuff put away, recycled or trashed. My brother and nephew will be here this weekend to hang new-to-me cupboards in the studio and hang the old studio cupboards in the laundry. Brother also said he’d remove the door between the studio and laundry. YAY!
  • Studio – art side: This was 90% done, then 50% and now about 75%. Once the cupboards are hung it may get to 95%.
  • Studio – textile side: Bwahahaha. I have done some picking up. The view from the art side to the window is no longer blocked. My main problem here is that I need to get the studio storage room done so I can put things away.
  • Studio Storage Well, I’ve made a visible dent. A lot of the art stuff just needed consolidation. I need to give away some supplies as I have more than I’ll ever use, but it’s hard to decide what I’ll use. For now, they’re shelved and tidy. The rest is harder. I have a lot of framed wall art in there. I periodically change what I have hanging in the living room, so I want to keep it (and change things more often). There is also a largish box of framed family photos that need to find a place to be hung. The problem with these is that there really is no room for them in this room. I need to find a better place to keep them! Mom also left me a LOT of wood items she’d intended to paint. I just found some detailed sketches for a few of them, so I’m thinking I’ll keep those she actually started on. (I’m not a decorative painter, but I can copy and decoupage okay.) My granddaughters might want a couple, too. Getting rid of framed pictures, boxes, trays and plaques will give me enough room. I also need to put more shelves in my fabric cabinets so I don’t pull out ten times more than I need to when I’m looking for something. My goal for cutting back on how much fabric I have is to make bed quilts for the veteran’s home, the mission and other such places.
  • The unnamed room. Nope. Not ’til all the other rooms are cleared of unneeded items.
  • Painting Ugh! I haven’t started. Bathroom is first. That shouldn’t take more than a couple of days. Then repaint the door and a cabinet in the studio. Another day or two. Then lots of woodwork. That will be a few weeks. I’ll need to divide it when I start, ’cause right now, it’s a bit overwhelming. I also need to touch up a few spots on walls where pictures were hung and moved, or something bumped.

Outside I don’t have too many plans.

  • I want to get the potted roses up onto the defunct driveway where they’ll get sun. Add a few more perennials and lots of annuals to make it a garden. Roses also need to be pulled up to add dirt under them in the pots. My potted trees all need to have their roots trimmed, too. A couple need bigger pots.
  • I want to get the rotting deck torn down. I’d like a new Trex deck, but prices have tripled or more because of manufacturing slowdowns and shutdowns, so that’s out. We’re looking into the possibility of a patio. Frankly, I’d be happy with just good steps and level ground.
  • I’d like to plant a little in the vegetable garden. Not really sure what.
  • Everything needs mulch.
  • I love the neighbor’s cedar tree, but we need to trim branches…and cut the weed trees under them.

Most of all, I want to get this all done so I can spend more time embroidering and quilting. All I seem to do now is dabble, which is fine, but I want to do more. I want to finish started projects and follow through on ideas for art quilts. Not just quilts. I saw some new work today on one of my Facebook textile art sites that brought to mind an idea I had about 35 years ago. I’ve already modified it in my head. It would be wonderful to actually produce it.

Here’s something I’ve been dabbling at this week:

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