A Buttonhole Stitch by Any Other Name . . .

A Buttonhole Stitch by Any Other Name . . .

. . . Is a whole lot of different stitches! I knew a lot of stitches belong to the buttonhole family, but several times as I was stitching recently, I would look at what I was doing and ask myself if it was supposed to be buttonhole.

For example:

Buttonhole to Cretan

Once you switch from regular buttonhole to alternating buttonhole, the only difference to make Cretan stitch is not to come out at the center line. Cretan is just a zig zag alternating buttonhole. Closed Cretan is a wonky free form alternating buttonhole.

Feather (sideways) over buttonhole

Feather stitch is just a freeform type of buttonhole.

None of this is news to a seasoned stitcher. It’s not really even news to me. It’s just that the realization as I was stitching had more of an impact than just the mental knowledge.

TAST and Beyond TAST

This week’s TAST stitches were buttonhole wheel and buttonhole wheel cup. These are some of my old examples: (Click for full size image.)


This is the wheel on the doodle cloth I’ve been working on.

The center of this is a buttonhole wheel cup. It’s surrounded by buttonhole rings, the last of which has the detached buttonhole edge

This is very closely spaced wheel spokes surrounded by bullion stitch.

The yellow/orange wheel is pulled tightly on the top and left. That’s what creates the spokes outside the wheel rim. There’s a little of that with the dark green one, too. It is a wonky, non-circular wheel.

I’ve had problems with the buttonhole wheel cup this week. Specifically with the detached buttonhole part. I think it’s twisting and then I end up attaching to the wrong loop. I was wondering if it might be the thread. I’m using a fine knitting or crochet thread.

I also worked on last week’s TAST–Cretan Stitch and Closed Cretan Stitch.

It’s wonky, but not bad. I still need to get round to the stem and bury the thread ends.

This Is the closed Cretan. I don’t think I’d done this one before. If I have, it’s on one of the samplers I have yet to find. For some reason I did this from the bottom to the top.

Here I was practicing Cretan and I played with beads for a minute. Not really sure how I like beads with this stitch.

In addition I did some more filling on the doodle cloth.

A little maroon and white bullion flower, just because.

A buttonhole crescent moon, in 1 strand floss and a holographic-metallic unlabeled thread, for the kitty who still needs a lot of work.

And French Knots! Have I ever mentioned how much I like doing French knots? At one time they were a bane, but I probably hadn’t learned to do them right. Now I love doing all kinds of knots. Actually, I’m hooked on any 3D stitches!

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  1. Your examples are marvelous, I just love the sampler with the crescent buttonhole moon. Iyour description of the relationships between named stitches, and the visuals of the ones that are variations of buttonhole based stitches. My buttonhole wheel cup stitching needs a good bit of work! All of this is so intriguing, thank you! Joy-full stitching to you!

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