This Morning

This Morning

Well, actually this afternoon, but as a night person it was this morning for me.

Anyway, I was making my breakfast and movement caught my eye. I looked out the window and there were birds everywhere, flying in and out of the bush across the street. Of course, by the time I picked up my phone to record it, there were fewer birds coming and going. At first there were two or three times as many as what’s in the video. I think the bush is a cotoneaster.

ADD struck again today. After reading Jude’s new blog today, I got thinking how I’m not happy with the limitations WP puts on me. Looking for the above divider stressed it to me again. I used to have my images in folders by content, so I would have simply clicked on the images folder>dividers>autumn and had only those listed, and could click any for a full size preview. Here I have to go through all the images (unless I know the name, which I usually don’t), page by page from the most recent to the first. I uploaded the dividers a long time ago, and previews aren’t much bigger than the thumbnails. It’s a pain in the aft, which is “enhanced” by the fact that my USB ports aren’t working, so I have no mouse and have to use the touchpad, which is already a pain in the aft.

To change the blog (or just add a new one) I have to go to my website’s file manager. It’s changed since I last used it, so navigating there took a minute. I really want to go back to b2Evolution, but I left them because the IT side just got too complicated for my skillset (which is pretty much just basic HTML 4–old-1990s). I doubt they’ve made it easier. I did find another open source blog, but I kept making mistakes setting it up and now I have to uninstall it, but can’t find how to do that.

More distraction came with the video. WP makes it simple to add YouTube content and it’s not hard to upload there, but it asked for a still image and I was hoping to capture a still that showed the birds better. I don’t know how to do that, but that never stops me from trying. I popped over to CNET downloads to look for a free video editor. I grabbed one that looked good.

SHEESH!! I wish everyone labeled things better. This was labeled “Free.” Not “Free to try” or “Limited free content.” My video came out looking good until I saved it. The saved version had their web address boldly emblazoned across the center of the whole video. That got uninstalled immediately. Fortunately, I still have the original. I went with the auto selected still shot.

(I keep reaching for my mouse!)

I was going to get to my embroidery machine yesterday and finish the project that makes me feel guilty when I work on something else, so that I end up not doing anything stitchy (Really?! Stitchy isn’t a real word?? And the slang definitions have nothing to do with stitching. Just weird.), but the machine wouldn’t show a visual of the files and, again, I didn’t have a name. I had to go through all the files on the USB at the computer, looking for the names. And then I realized not all the files got transferred to the embroidery USB. And because I haven’t transferred files to the computer downstairs yet, I had to come upstairs. And I never did get back to the embroidery machine.

Yikes! I hate this touchpad! I keep accidentally touching it and therefor end up doing unintended things, like deleting what I just wrote or starting normally, but finishing in another part of the line, paragraph or page. And why does spellcheck think ‘filr’ should be ‘filer’ instead of ‘file?’ It isn’t that I can’t spell (mostly). I just can’t type worth beans.

Can you tell I’m frustrated? And it’s Friday all ready! This, too, shall pass. (Both the frustration and, alas, Friday, too.)

Now I’m going to go make dinner.

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