My View

My View

For some reason, or maybe not, I started to take photos of my view when it caught my eye from my chair. Last night I thought I should put them together. Since I simply did a zoom, point and shoot with no plan for them, they did not line up well at all. It made me kind of dizzy looking at them even after turning, stretching and shrinking them to line up as much as possible. In the end I made a separate window to go over the photos and cloned out the silhouette of the window in the photo. The pictures still seem to jump around, but stabilizing the window made it much better.

Maybe because it’s 43 images, or maybe some other reason I don’t know, it ended up segmentizing some of the images. Another possibility is it’s compressing the images to make the gif. The playback on GIMP doesn’t do this. It looks like a collection of mostly bad paint by number pictures. I has nothing to do with my cloning out the original window frames. Those areas I did anything to are only four to 20 pixels above the center part of the frame around the locks, one to ten pixels above and below the rest of thar center bar and at the right side on maybe three images. When the images aren’t enlarged 2300%, that’s only a tiny bit.

Anyway, the gif (small version, because original is too big for WP) and originals are here or click the Windows link under Pages in the sidebar. (And it’s framed with yellow because that’s the color of my walls.)

Thinking how bad the paint by numbers look made me want to see how it’d look brushified.

This is good for a painted image. Although . . . it has segmented a bit, too.

I also used the paint filter.

Interesting, but too abstract to know what it is.

I was looking for another filter that might show it better. Didn’t find one, but I did fine several that I want to play with. . . .

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