Not Much

Not Much


My website is was down. Apparently the host was down, ‘cause I couldn’t get there to check what the problem was. And because my mail is through my website, that was down, too. If it isn’t a little, it’s a lot.

So this Open Live Writer is handy. I can get a post all written and it’ll be ready to publish as soon as my site’s available.

. . . Later

Not that I got anything written.  I got interrupted and after cooking up and jarring about 25 4 oz jars of pear sauce, my day just melted into a dull ADDy day surfing DIY sites and projects—because I checked my gmail (that I don’t check often) which was full of Hometalk emails.


The websites were back up at about dinnertime last night, but my today’s not much better. I diddled this afternoon away waiting for a late appointment. NOT good. I even made a To-Do list for today . . . and totally forgot about it until just  before my appointment.

I feel the autumn lows moving in on me. Mostly they have to do with literal low sunlight, but the low sunlight also triggers other things. I need to be hypervigilant or negativity and self deprecation will build up to a miserable level.

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