Not the Hottest Day This Week

Not the Hottest Day This Week

But still too hot! We went to the mall for me to order new glasses, and then stopped at Fred Meyer’s for some fresh vegetables and canned tomato puree and cream. Both of us were wiped out when we got home two hours after we left. Of course partly it was because the a/c in my car died last month. But still!

75° = perfect

85° = hot, not bad for summer

90°s = too hot, miserable, but I’ll live

100°s = unreasonably hot, TGfA/C! (and I generally dislike a/c)

110°s + = hell came to visit, I hope I’ll live, no guarantees

The rest of the week is expected to be unreasonable.

Beyond the errands, I’ve done nothing today.

Tomorrow we’ll be cooking, if the house stays cool enough. Our plan is to make freezable meals that will last us into September. Chicken saag, aloo gobi, jambalaya, spaghetti. Makes my mouth water just typing them. Gonna have pot roast one day, so I’ll also make some vegetable beef barley soup. I don’t hate cooking, but I don’t like to cook much any more. Mostly because we never know what we want to eat. And neither of us wants a traditional meal because they’re just too much food to make right–especially when it’s hot.

We tried a meal delivery plan, but a porkless-minimal-beef-lots-of-veggies plan gets boring fast with those. I don’t need gourmet or want complicated recipes, but I do want a variety of good taste. Plus I do not understand the need for tons of oil, and sugar in almost everything. (I used half the oil and no sugar when I used the service.) I want more Indian and Mediterranean meals, but about half portions of restaurant sizes. Fresh Mexican is tasty, too, but not too much tortilla or sauces. Chinese is great tasting, but only fresh. Frozen sounds less than palatable (based on the frozen I’ve bought).

Tonight we had cauliflower crust pizza. I actually like it better than regular crust.

Weather and food. What an exciting post! LOL

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