Tree House

Tree House

the view from my recliner

It’s not really a tree house, but the living room seems to be up in the trees. I spent way too much time combining three photos into a panorama photo. Then the interior was dark and the exterior was practically whited out, so I spent more time trying to capture what I actually see. This is as good as I could get. (Excuse the mess–that’s true enough.)

What looks like an orange tree in the first two windows on the left is actually a red Japanese maple (seen in true color in the third window). The greens on the right are bright, but probably not exactly that bright

Today was a lovely day. The rain never came, and the sun was in and out, but the breeze had an icy quality to it.

I’m working on my laptop, which is losing it’s graphics quality (everything keeps flickering metallic red), so I hope it looks ok.

I get more than a little irritated that WP won’t let me upload full size photos and then changes the size of what it will let me upload. I did finally find the url for the actual file I uploaded. If you click on it, it’ll take you there, though the only benefit for this photo is that the interior is a bit brighter and you can see my mess better.

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