Fire Dreams

Fire Dreams

Even though I was not directly affected and personally know only one family who lost their home, I dreamt of the fires this morning, of being in them, I think, but not harmed. Perhaps it’s because that one family is so close to me.

The bad part is that I woke at eight a.m. with a brilliant quilt idea that wouldn’t let me go back to sleep until about ten. That’s all the middle of the night for this night owl who goes to bed at four a.m. And then I got up at my normal time. That left me two hours short of sleep and I’m tired today.

The good part was the quilt idea. If I put the effort into describing it here, I may not probably won’t even start to actually do it. If/when I get something started I will share.

This is the first row of Iqbal’s quilt that I talked about in my last post. The next two rows are ready to go and I’ll be stitching as soon as I finish here.

The drawing below is what my day generally looks like–even with a list. Sometimes it can be interesting. Sometimes even productive, ’cause not all the curlicues are useless. It just never looks like what I think it will look like when I start.

And, as in this example, sometimes I never make it to X.

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