So Far…

So Far…

Wednesday evening I scrolled through Instagram (#ragmates 2020) and was so inspired. I had to pick up my squares for Iqbal’s quilt before I got them in order (which he really wants), so last night I jumped in to a new small cloth. I don’t know what’s going to happen with it, what it’s going to be. So far, it’s just tiny pieces stitched to cheesecloth in a sort of log cabin pattern. I’ll stitch more tonight.

Somehow the first (green) square got turned when I stitched. It bothered me a bit when I first noticed it, but since this is just playing, I decided just to let it be. Latter I thought since some of my scraps are more triangular than rectangular, it might even out.

Tuesday we exchanged the huge (once) white sofas with a smaller, newer red set. Wow! is my living room red, now! Good thing I like red. Also good the walls are yellow. Not for everyone, but I love it. I thought it was interesting that the yellow toss pillows that I got with the sofas are very close to the yellow of my walls.

The sofas are wine red with green and gold scrolly stripes. My recliner is also the same wine red and the carpet is a red oriental (very close, but not exactly the same red, with blue, pink, green, cream & …). The wing chairs are one light and one medium terra cotta. That sounds like a clash, but they go surprisingly well. The big footrest is a redder terra cotta and Iqbal’s recliner is currently blue. The recliners and footrest will be covered. The plan is more wine red, but I’m thinking about it some more before I do anything.

The furniture is in the exact same place as the others, but now it seems that it wasn’t properly centered on the carpet, and it drove me crazy until I moved it about 18 inches. It’s fascinating how we never noticed it with the huge furniture. Moving the carpet also affects other aspects of the room.

Heat wave will be hitting this weekend, but hopefully tomorrow, before it hits, I’ll get the last of the petunias planted and maybe move the potted roses and lilies to a more sunny area. We’ll see.

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