I've been writing poetry since I can remember. When I was in grade school, I didn't know I wrote poetry. I didn't want to be a writer for some reason. I suspect it was a bad experience with writing in school, but I don't remember anything specific other than telling someone I hated writing. At home, however, I had these little books I'd made of paper bound with yarn. I wrote my feelings in them. In high school I "discovered" that I'd been writing poetry all those years. Not always good poetry, but poetry. Unfortunately, in the years since high school, I've lost those little yarn bound books.

In the last 15 years I haven't written as often as I did back then. Life seems to get in the way, which is sad, since I once considered writing poetry as natural as breathing for me. But in my sporadic journals, I have found poems scattered throughout my life. Guess I won't stop entirely until I stop breathing.

The poems I've collected here are both old and new. A lot of my teenage poetry is drivel to me now and I don't care to share it, but I found a few I'll still own up to. Some, I think, are good first drafts and I'll be working on those bit by bit.

flower RainPoems I've written a lot of poems about rain. After I'd made the page for them I decided that an awful lot weren't that good, but I liked the page, so I kept it. I'm sure I'll be adding to it.
flower My psalms Only one, so far, but I know there are more in my journals.
flower Poems of
the Heart
These are poems of love and friendship, caring and brotherhood. Some are from experience, some from my always fertile imagination and some are from what I see in the world around me.
flower Miscellaneous
These are poems that didn't fit into the catagories above.
flower Back to
Poets Pen
This'll get you back to other things I've written.

STARAWARD This award was given to me by Polaris for my "clarity of words". It was totally unexpected. She had a wonderful page and for her to like mine means a lot to me. I am honored by her kindness and encouragement.

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