I do not know how to speak Chinese. I have simply looked up the words and used my dictionary to figure out phrases and idioms as best I could. I doubt this is a really accurate translation. However, I do believe it does give general sense of the meaning of the song.
Words in parentheses are assumptions on my part which may or may not be accurate. I'm also assuming most (not all) punctuation, which, if I've done it inaccurately, could change the meaning. If you see what you know is an error, please let me know .
I'll add other tracks as I get to them.

track 1

True, With All One's Heart

I have a seed blooming that remains in my heart,
that no one can touch.
My heart has an ache, a thousand pains, a clear hole.
Who is able to understand?
Even your smiling face
merely appears to be in a dream.
(In) this world, I want love.
Eventually all is in vain.

Sometimes lonliness
lets this spark of love be enough enjoyment.
I arrive at the heart of the matter still needing more for a long time.
(I) want to see a gift of love arrive.
Every time (I) walk in the rain, I want to hold your hand.
Among a thousand people, I want only one. I expect you to get closer to my broad heart.

I am true, true, with all (my) heart.
(I) put on every show for you.
The result is sad, yet happy.
Great trials and hardships have again
cut off my engine, but not stopped (me).
I am true, true, with all (my) heart.
Without your love (I'm) not all right.

(I) depend on the world, a room at best, hoping to be able to have you
accompany me always to see each daybreak.


zhen de, yong le xin

Words~ Zhang Chun Chun
Music~ Tu Hui Yuan

you yi zhong gandong
fang zai xin zhong shei ye bu neng peng
wo xin zhong you yi ge tong
qian chuang bai kong you shei neng dong
meiyi ci ni de xiao rong
zhi chuxian zai meng zhong
zhe shijie, wo yao de aiqing
zongshi yi chang kong

youshihou gudu
shi zhong rang ai chong dian de xiangshou
wo daodi hai yao duo jiu
caineng zhaodao ai de chuangkou
meiyi ci zou zai yu zhong
dou xiang qian ni de shou
ren hai zhong, zhi yao yi xiang dao ni
xin jiu geng kuan kuo

wo shi zhen de zhen de yong le xin
wei ni yanchu mei chang xi
jieju shi bei haishi xi
you zai da de feng yu
wode yinqing jue buting
wo shi zhen de zhen de dong le qing
meiyou ni de ai buxing
zhan zai shijie de wuding
duo xiwang neng you ni
pei wo yizhi kan mei ge liming

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