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  08:54:09 pm, by Airycat   , 299 words  
Categories: Vegetarian, One Dish Meals

Black Bean Mushroom Stew

I found the basic recipe at, but I altered it a bit and this is the best new recipe I've tried in ages, and a lot of them were quite good. My changes are in the bright blue. Black Bean Stew Ingredients (2 Tbs olive oil) 1/2… more »


  12:08:31 am, by Airycat   , 152 words  
Categories: Vegetarian, Salads, One Dish Meals

Bean & Cheese Pasta Salad

Ingredients 12 oz Medium Pasta Shells 1.5 cup garbanzo beans (chickpeas) - canned, drained4 oz Pepper Jack Cheese, cut into small cubes4 oz Cheddar Cheese, cut into small cubes1 stalk Celery, chopped1 small Onions, chopped1/3 cup Green Pepper, chopp… more »


  11:53:34 pm, by Airycat   , 261 words  
Categories: Vegetarian, One Dish Meals

Lentil Spinach Soup

 Ingredients* 4 cups Barley Lentils (recipe below nutrition info) * 4 cups water * 2 cup frozen spinach Directions Blend the spinach with the water in a blender until finely chopped (may work best in two batches). Mix all ingredients i… more »
  11:29:34 pm, by Airycat   , 338 words  
Categories: Vegetarian, One Dish Meals

Black Bean Burrito, Indian Style

This one is really tasty! The original recipe also calls for whole wheat tortillas. We don't usually eat burritos properly, (We eat the filling with a fork and have a toasted tortilla on the side.) so I left them off (so they're not included in nutrition… more »


  08:30:50 pm, by Airycat   , 110 words  
Categories: Salads, One Dish Meals

Green Salad

I'm good at buying the salad mixes in the grocery store. My favortie is "Spring Mix" with lots of dark green and red leaves and no iceberg lettuce. Sometimes, this is all I need with a bit of salad dressing. Other times I add so much, that the salad beco… more »

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These are the recipes I actually use. They will occasionally updated as I adapt them. They are posted here for family and friends (and visitors!) to use as they wish.
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