Learning about Modes

by Airycat  

Mostly I was just playing with new brushes, but then I thought I should create something. I didn't like anything in terms of a stitching project, but in my play, I started to understand the modes better.

One of the new brush sets was fireworks. I splattered the whole page with them in different colors so that by the time the page was covered, it look like an old paint rag -- which is not necessarily an ugly thing! Next, I made a new image with ten layers of floral prints. They looked like either fabric or wallpaper prints. Then I printed a butterfly in a layer above each floral print. I selected it (by color), feathered and inverted the selection. Then I moved down a layer and deleted all but the butterfly shape on the floral print. I actually tried a whole lot of different texture and background layers, but I settled on a black background and the firework/splatter page. Also, at some point I decided I didn't care for the feathered edges on the butterflies, so I outlined them.

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Design to Textile

by Airycat  

Yesterday and a bit today, I worked on a gimp image with specific intent to make it into something textile. I scanned the fabrics and used those in the layers.

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Playing with Color

by Airycat  

So... I had that over exposed black and white photo (see post below) and I remember our clothes very well, so I thought I'd try to make it color.

Obviously, I haven't finished, but I'm finding it very interesting. Every color I'm adding is a separate layer. I have to use the bucket fill, because the paintbrush leaves streaks when I lower the opacity (which must be done to see the picture!), then I erase where it doesn't belong. And they don't show up against the black and white as the right color, but ... once I have the color in place I play with modes and voila!

I still have a lot to do. I see I missed erasing the top of the wood layer (pattern fill!!). My sister's red dress is still not right. I can't tell if it's my monitor screen or if I simply don't have the right color, yet. I'm going to have to erase a lot of blue out of my dress, I think. I remember the blue, but the bright sections were probably white. I can see some wall that I missed. And that tree will be soooooo much fun...NOT!

It's a lot of detail work, but I am learning as I do it. That and for the fun of it are the only reasons to do it, at all. It's certainly not necessary and won't make a good fabric piece.

(I don't know why my pictures all have borders. They didn't used to.)

I haven't been stitching as much as I want to and I keep asking myself why. The only thing I can come up with is that I "should" be doing other things. Some of that is sewing, but not the kind I really want to do. The weird thing is that no one cares what I do.

It's really stupid. I don't understand it. Does anyone else have this kind of silliness ruling their inner kingdom? All I can guess is that it's just ingrained in me that I can't have fun until I finish my work. Somehow, working on the computer is an exception, but even that is limited.

(and I also can't figure out why this post is formatting the way it is with indents sometimes and not other times.)

Trying to Improve a Bad Photo

by Airycat  

Haven't done much with GIMP, today. I did download a few textures. I think I'll have to read the tutorial to get the effect I want. I'll see...

I did do this.

So... back when I was a little girl of 5 or 6 (over half a century ago!), our neighbor came over one afternoon during Christmas vacation and told our mother to gather us up for a photo. Mom protested because we'd been playing and were a mess, but she insisted. I think the camera was new and she wanted to try it out. I don't think she was very experienced.

I've always loved the photo, but mom hates it. After trying to work with it, I'm a little less fond of it myself. This is a scanned copy of the original.

The reason I don't like it is because it is very harshly lit. My face is almost washed out (looks like a kabuki mask) and my siblings all have sharp shadow lines. (I'm the terrified one.)

I tried a bunch of textures with it, but whenever I would like one element, the others looked bad to me. I did a lot of "copy visible!" I didn't keep track of what I was doing, because I'd start all over on the new copy.

This is what I finally ended up with.

I put the frame on it because I will be using this in my scrapbook, whenever I get to it. The red "mat" was originally one of the textures (GrungeOverlay4 by SkeletalMess). I really like it, in general, but with this photo it just looked messed up. That blue in the curtains didn't help. Eventually I realized I could just desaturate to get rid of it. Even then, however, the very dark right and bottom sides and the bright upper left side were causing problems. Even using curves wasn't helping much. When it was that shade of red, the photo was either negative or nearly black so, I did a visible copy and then cropped it. I did a single bevel to get it to stand out from the photo a bit. I did use darkwood67's brownage at a point near the end. I can't remember if I also used a wood pattern (with another copy visible) or if I tried it and didn't like it. In any case, it finally became grungy enough to look better to mom. Just for fun I did a supernova at the top of the tree. It was Christmas, after all.

Variations On A Tree

by Airycat  

Starting with a photo of a tree in my backyard when I lived in Virginia...

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