Virtual Lace

by Airycat  

This is pretty easy.

Open a new image with a white background.

Add a new layer of color.

Use the mosaic filter. Set the tile spacing large enough to be able to select it. My red netting lace was set at 3. Personally, I think it looks more textile-y if the neatness is not 100. I think I used 67.7.  OK

Select the grout space (tile spacing) . Open a new, transparent layer. Pour color into the selected area.




To form a draped lace, select Polar Coordinates from the filters. UNcheck all the boxes. The sliders can be whatever you choose.



Another way to do this is with the G'MIC filter.  Select Deformations -> Euclidean - Polar. If you use the default settings, you get a net that is unwoven at the top. (But the filter does it sideways, so you have to turn it.)


But they all look better with a little shadowing.




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Comment from: Liz Ozselcuk [Visitor]
Liz Ozselcuk

ooooh, must try! I’m going to link to this from my blog so I’ll remember, once my online classes are over. I’ve been taking a break from GIMP, but that’s OK, I know I’ll be back. I hadn’t thought of using polar coordinates on mosaics, gotta add that to my To Do list! :-)

10/22/13 @ 05:57