Category: "Playing with GIMP"

Virtual Lace

by Airycat  

This is pretty easy. Open a new image with a white background. Add a new layer of color. Use the mosaic filter. Set the tile spacing large enough to be able to select it. My red netting lace was set at 3. Personally, I think it looks more textile-y i… more »

Patterns and Stamps

by Airycat  

If anyone is following this blog, my apologies for not keeping up. I have been totally engrossed in Sharon B's Studio Journal class and playing with GIMP. I always mean to write about what I'm doing, but by the time I close my GIMP, it's long past a dece… more »

GIMP, Journaling & Needlework

by Airycat  

When I'm too tired to do anything else, I sit at my computer and play with GIMP. The latter part of this past week was a bit stressful and I hadn't been sleeping well, ergo, I have been playing with GIMP this week. (Lots of pictures.) My studio journal… more »

I have been playing!

by Airycat  

Yup! I have been using GIMP a lot. Most of it is variations. I love making variations. My GIMP folder is 20GB!! Mainly that's because of the xcf files with so many variations on the. I make new from visible any time I like something, because I never reme… more »

2 Images and Chitchat

by Airycat  

I've signed up for Sharon Boggon's Studio Journal course. I'm really excited about it. I have most of the supplies and have gathered them together. I think I even have a drawer in my craft/sewing area in which to keep all the journal stuff. I've also fou… more »

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