Patterns and Stamps

by Airycat  

If anyone is following this blog, my apologies for not keeping up. I have been totally engrossed in Sharon B's Studio Journal class and playing with GIMP. I always mean to write about what I'm doing, but by the time I close my GIMP, it's long past a decent bedtime...

I have made gazillions (over 400 so far!) of kaleidoscope pictures at  I have hand traced patterns and 'traced' patterns using GIMP. At some point along the way, I thought 'What if I made a stamp (brush) of the parts of the pattern? Then I could reproduce the pattern in more than one color.' So I've been doing that. too.

Some of the patterns have not looked very good. Others look great. I will eventually make the stamps(GIMP brushes) available on Fancy's website, but I still have some bugs to work out in some of them. (I may make patterns available, too.)  Also they take quite a while to make -- at least some of them do. Some are quite quick, but they're the minority, so far. Part of that has to do with the simplicity of the design.  Sometimes I want to try to do something with a complex design.  Part is just me figuring out the best way to do it with any design.

This is a pattern I traced by hand.


It looks like bowling pins, boomerangs and hearts to me.  :DD   Below  is the kaleidoscope it came from.
They came from this plate.
This next pattern was done using the threshhold on GIMP. The lines aren't quite as clean, but it's still good.

It comes from this kaleidoscope...which was made from the same plate as above.
Feel free to use the patterns, if you feel so inclined. All I ask is that you give me credit and a link and I'd like to see how you use them.

Of course, I can't simply make the patterns and stamps and not do something with them. Not that I always know what to do with them. Here are some, in no particular order.

I took this one and made 6 stamps to create all the colors (much more colorful than the original saucer it was made from).


The bird in the center is a copy of  one from the buffet my mom painted for me. I added the frame because my husband wanted to use it as his desktop picture and I needed to change the shape from square to rectangle.


I also tried, with this one, to see if I could get a fabric effect. It's not as good as I would like, but it is sort of fabric-y looking.


If you click on it you can see what I mean.

Once I had the idea of multiple stamps for one image, I tried some more.

I took this kaleidoscope

made from this saucer


and made another 6 stamp(color) image. Here are 4 variations of it.



Again, click the images for a better look.


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