A Paisley

by Airycat  

I haven't done much with GIMP, recently, but the other day I had fun with this image. It started out as a segment of an embroidery pattern I was cleaning up. I thought it would make a good brush, so I made one. Then I played with images of it.

The basic image is two layers of the brush (pink and light blue) set on divide mode with a purple drop shadow set on grain merge mode between them. I made a visible copy and played with that.

Gold is always nice. I also did silver. I need to work on that.

This is the same gold with difference cloud rendering. I had to play around to get it this way. I made it turbulent, but I don't remember what else.

I like the look of this one. It looks falt compared to the gold, but it's still a nice effect.

This one seems to have better depth. Other than colorizing, I played with contrast and curves.

This is the same as the one above, but I like the color better. I may also have beveled it, but I don't like how that whitened the top edge and flower stem.

This is the pink above with a lavender behind it done in fractal trace and a light purple done in fractal trace as the bottom layer. A border was added

Again, same pink in hard light mode. On top of that a diffraction pattern in the shape was added at 33% opacity in difference mode. On the bottom is the same shadow fractal trace as above. (No lavender fractal trace.) I added a slightly larger border, picking a color from the diffraction.

This one is clickable for a larger view. It's simply taking the brush and stamping it in a color, then changing color and rotating the layer 60 and stamping again and repeating until the circle is made.

Other than that this came from an embroidery pattern, it's not particularly done with embroidery in mind. The last one might make a nice embroidered motif. It's still only a fraction of the original design. Any of the others might look good with the basic lines embroidered over the print.

Feel free to take and use any image if it suits you. Let me know if you do. If you post it on the internet, give me credit and a link to either the main FANCY'S IMAGES page or this blog.

I hope to update my free brushes page soon, and the brushes I made with this pattern will be available then. Updated!


Comment from: Jane O [Visitor]
Jane O

Lovely - your last image looks like a shoal of fish. I also particularly like the orange/brown version.

11/15/10 @ 13:15
Comment from: fahrrad [Visitor]

I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful!

11/20/10 @ 03:45
Comment from: Airycat [Member]  

Thank you.

11/26/10 @ 14:01