2 Images and Chitchat

by Airycat  

I've signed up for Sharon Boggon's Studio Journal course. I'm really excited about it. I have most of the supplies and have gathered them together. I think I even have a drawer in my craft/sewing area in which to keep all the journal stuff. I've also found some needlework blogs that discuss the art of needlework (quilts it this case). This is very interesting to me, because it makes me think. One of them (and I'm not sure which one) was about something the author had read about art in general about making pictures from memories and how they should contain only the salient parts.

That got me thinking about memories I might embroider or quilt. I'm not sure why this first one came to mind, but it was first, so I tried to draw it.

Um... No, I don't think so. Drawing from memory is definitely not a strong point of mine. Drawing anything isn't, though I do a little better when I can see what I'm drawing. So, I moved back to the computer and opened GIMP. (I love my GIMP!)

This came out much better. I used clipart girls (originally b&w) from my ClickArt collection, water brushes from Obsidian Dawn, a tree brush (much altered) from Nugs, leaves from Brush Lovers, grass from Faeth, and a clothesline swiped from an ad because it's the only place I could find it. The fence is something I made about 10 years ago.

I don't know that this would do as a quilt. Maybe, but also maybe embroidery. Either way, it would need adapting. It does not look anything like the reality, except in general. The real fence was chain link and there were lots of bushes. The real tree was a lilac tree and much more slender. It captures the idea, though. My sister (blond) and I (brunette) (and sometimes our brothers) would sling the hose, nozzle set on wide spray, over the clothesline and play under it on hot summer days.

I think this rendition is pretty good. Definitely much better than my attempts at drawing with paper and pencil.

My New Year's Eve was pretty exciting. :^| I was downloading vintage images for collaging (for my mom) and to use in my GIMP playing. Now I need to get to work and make some GIMP collages. I did do one, just because I had to do something after looking at all those lovely images.

All of the inner elements (dog, box, flowers & ferns) came from Victorian Vignettes. The frame is from The Vintage Moth. I didn't use any effects in the sprinkler image, but in this one, the only way I could get the dog into the box was with multiply. (I think it's actually an image of a wooden box, not a barred box/cage.) I don't know where this idea came from and I don't have any plans to use it. Of course, I may think of something, eventually.

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