They are both a blessing and a curse... or maybe cursed. Mine seems to be, anyway.

I have made several attempts to update my blog program as it keeps requesting me to do, but something about my computer can't/won't let FileZilla connect to my website. I ended up just playing with GIMP every time that happened and otherwise wanted to, and did avoid the computer. Not using FileZilla is a tedious, time consuming task. In the (infrequent) process of trying to figure out why it can't connect, I discovered that my Free AVG is actually the Free Trial AVG and AVG has control of my firewall. Since I didn't know I had it, I didn't know how to adjust it. I was doing that on the Windows firewall. Today I'll fuss a little to figure out what to do. The trial period is over tomorrow or the next day, so if that's the problem and I can't figure out how to fix it, it should be okay when it goes back to the free coverage, which doesn't include the firewall.

I'm going to try to get a bunch of blogs posted to the main blog, because I haven't been totally idle. I'll space them out to one a day. I don't know if I'll start before or after I get the update done. I imagine that will depend on how quickly and easily the update is. I've updated before but it's been two or three upgrades to the program ( a few years), do, we'll see.

I'm also adding a new category to my posts. It will be "Dreams." This is because I have such weird dreams, and some of them are good story germs. I won't necessarily make all dream posts public, but sometimes I will. For me it's writing them down that's important. The more I actually write down my dreams, the better I am at remembering them. For some reason I haven't been good at writing on paper, so I thought I'd try here. Then all I have to hand write is a few key words. It worked fairly well today. (At least, I remember the dream. I haven't written it down yet.)

Right now I'm running an SFC scan to make sure I don't have other problems. Next up is a virus scan (though AVG is good about catching them as they try to get in).



Ha! A year after I was going to, I finally updated the blog setup. If you find any broken links, please let me know. There shouldn’t be any obvious differences to blog readers. I have new things to check out at the back door (administrative side).


I need to update...

...lots of things, but especially the photoblog. It'll take a while. I'm trying not to spend too much time at the computer. I have real life things I need to "update" as well.


Comments URL fixed

I finally figured out how to add the line for commnenters to give the url for their blog or website. This will help me to respond better. When you leave a comment, please let me know where I can visit you and I will go read your blog or look at your website.

What happened to the gazillion previous updates?!?!?!

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