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  04:10:00 pm, by Airycat   , 512 words  
Categories: Needlework, Quilting, Hand Embroidery

Spirit Cloth

Spirit Cloth
Today I started on my cloth for Jude Hill's Spirit Cloth 101. more »


  08:03:00 am, by Airycat   , 351 words  
Categories: Needlework, Quilting, Hand Embroidery, Stitches, Crazy quilting

TAST - Buttonhole, Feather and Cretan Stitches (Stitches 2,3, & 4)

TAST - Buttonhole, Feather and Cretan Stitches (Stitches 2,3, & 4)
  Since I filled up my first sampler with fly stitch, I thought I'd do something different for me and made a crazy block out of scrap fabrics.A double row of buttonhole stitches, purple perle 8 and turquoise craft thread, form the fence. The leaves of… more »


  12:01:00 pm, by Airycat   , 616 words  
Categories: Needlework, Quilting, Hand Embroidery

One UFO Completed

One UFO Completed
I started this little quilt way back in January 2014. I was supposed to be doing a quilt-along started and completed in January.   I've been trying to remember what blog it was, but can't think of it right now. more »


  05:23:00 am, by Airycat   , 545 words  
Categories: Needlework, Quilting, Hand Embroidery


I started it in the fall of 2013. I got some leaf designs from Urban Threads and decided to do the hand stitching. more »


  01:05:00 am, by Airycat   , 558 words  
Categories: Needlework, Quilting, Fabric Art

Another Project

...Which I need like a hole in the head, but.... I was thinking about that as I worked. I'm going to chalk it up to ADD.  I just can't get the physical project done as fast as I'd like and I sort of get bored. Eventually I get things done more »

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