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  10:59:00 am, by Airycat   , 394 words  
Categories: Book Reviews, Science, Religion

A God That Could Be Real by Nancy Ellen Abrams

A God That Could Be Real by Nancy Ellen Abrams

It was the subtitle "Spirituality, Science and the Future of Our Planet" That piqued my interest in this book. Spirituality and science have always been interests of mine. I've never been one to see them as opposites and have always tried to make them work together for me. But I don't have a great deal of knowledge in either area. Nancy Ellen Abrams has the knowledge of science and the experience of religion (both positive and negative). This book is her result of trying to make science and religion work together.

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Categories: Needlework, Machine Embroidery, Work in Progress

Easter Cloth

On Tuesday, March 17, I managed to get myself up early enough to go to Club Embroidery. Jeanette showed us how to do corner designs. Anita Goodesign makes it easy with marks to line up the elements. When I got home I had completed the middle and the right side on my first corner.

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Categories: Studio Journal

Art Studio

Mom left me an art studio.

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Categories: Book Reviews, General Non-fiction

Ghettoside by Jill Leovy

I read, and watch, a lot of true crime stories and often find myself wondering why. What is the attraction? Even though a book may be good, this genre usually leaves me dissatisfied. That's what I like most about Ghettoside. It did not leave me dissatisfied.

This book is a combination of true crime and sociology. Leovy traces this crime the way most are done, in a kind of redrum fashion, but she also looks at the larger picture. She discusses the microculture of ghetto life and gang life, and also how those outside the ghetto misunderstand the whys if not the whats. She gives us some whys. She gives relevant historical context. And she gives hope, showing ways the real problem is being helpfully addressed in some areas. 

This book is not the answer to all of the problems of ghetto life, being poor and non-white, but I believe it gives a fair and accurate view of one very misunderstood aspect of the difficulties and problems. It made me aware in a way I was not aware before. 

4 stars

  04:38:00 am, by Airycat   , 89 words  
Categories: Machine Embroidery

Clean the Bath

In my quest to create useable art, I made a couple more cleaning cloths.

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