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  05:41:00 pm, by Airycat   , 109 words  
Categories: Updates


&amp;#58;&amp;#119;&amp;#97;&amp;#118;&amp;#101;&amp;#58; This is more plans than an update.

I still have a lot to learn about this blog set up, but I really like what I've learned so far!

I think I will be posting most of my photo pages in the photo blog rather than making special pages for them. This will depend on a few things, like how I can integrate the blog into other parts of the website.

Meanwhile, I have posted some photos form our 2005 trip to Crater Lake.

What I want to do is to be able to have each album linkable without necessarily having it cross over to other albums in the blog.


  11:56:00 pm, by Airycat   , 286 words  
Categories: Fun


:D I may not actually know much about all this stuff, but I do love playing on my computer and trying out new things. They aren't all new to everyone, but they are to me.


I have added a new thingy to my website blog that cross posts to my LJ. I'm not sure how it works. It didn't ask for any info about my LJ, but I'm testing it out with this post.

I also added a last.fm thingy to show what I'm listening to. :) Not that anyone but me cares what I listen to. My musical tastes are too weird for most Americans and too out dated for most Chinese.

Hooo boy! do I feel geeky! :roll:

LOL By "thingy" I mean a plugin. Hmmm... Now I need to figure out how to make the last.fm show up.

EDIT: Ok, it did need me to put in my LJ info. It just didn't tell me until I tried to post. This should go there now. :wave:

EDIT: I need to check that this cross posting is not creating problems. When I went to my LJ I kept getting something about shoes. It wasn't even a pop-up, but a redirect! Not nice! It was gone after a couple of reloads, but I don't want that happening at any time. Of course, it may have nothing to do with this.

I also need to work on the last.fm. I've put something in the wrong place, evidently. It can't seem to find something in my files. It would help if I knew something about PHP (or is it php?).

EDIT: I figured out why the smilies don't show up on LJ. My web host doesn't allow hosting off site.

  08:29:00 pm, by Airycat   , 48 words  
Categories: Chitchat

Dumb Newbie!!

In an effort to understand, I messed up my smilies. Until some nice user in the support forum sends me a new copy of the necessary php file, I no longer have smilies. :-(

Ack! It looks like I lost the skin, too! Well, that was easily fixable, at least.

  07:26:00 pm, by Airycat   , 286 words  
Categories: Chitchat


Not a very exciting title, but that?s what it is.

I spent a goodly amount of time last night looking at this blog and the php files. Mostly what I learned is that I need to learn a little about php to change things the way I want them. That?ll be a while. Another thing I learned is that the ?Expert? tab on this is similar to, but not the same as the rich text feature on other blogs. I?m still editing in html mode, but it has some automatic codes.

I went to help my sister at work today. Although I don?t care to have a job if I don?t need one, it is still a feeling of satisfaction to have a clear purpose for a set time of day and to see that I?ve accomplished something.

Even though I?ve had a killer headache (a ?minor? migraine), I managed to carry some of that productivity over since I got home. I have posted one book review (here) and am working on the other two I started. I hope to get both posted tonight.

Cats and dogs are now banned from my den. Someone peed on my brand new chair!!! Fortunately, it was small and hopefully my ?Natures Miracle? will get rid of any odor. The trick is keeping the area saturated long enough for the enzymes to work. Blasted critters! &gt;:XX (Llyan can be in here when I?m here. I don?t think she is the culprit, especially since she was sleeping in that spot last night.)

It seems like I had a lot more to say, but I can?t think of anything at the moment, so I?ll just end now, rather than babble on about nothing.

  12:16:00 am, by Airycat   , 63 words  
Categories: Updates

New Blog Added

This is it. What else need be said. I'll use it to keep a record of Airy Nothing's updates and changes. It's public to allow visitors to the site to see what's happening.

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