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Life is Code

Dreams are so weird. I dreamed that there was a wedding. I don't remember a lot of that part of the dream, only that it was going to happen in the UK and there was a lot of racing around to get everyone prepared to go there and then to make sure they had the information. There was a last minute change that required me (but it wasn't me) to get some new information onto the website so people would know where to go. I don't even know who was getting married. It wasn't me. I was a flunky.

But then that dream morphed, as dreams are wont to do, into something more nebulous. That is, oddly, the part that stays with me most, however, because I was coding my life. I don't remember the life, only the coding of it. My life. Everything I did had to be coded. Everything I would do had to be coded. Essentially my life was reduced to code.

That's when I woke up. I was thinking about it and, in a way, it's true. In this computer age, it seems that, at least for the younger generations, everything has to go online. We blog. We twitter. Our phones now are like GPS devices, so our friends know where we are every moment and can reach us at any time. Young folks hardly talk on the phone any more, but they are constantly texting each other.

In other words, everything we do is ending up as code, something more true for the younger, more cellphone and internet savvy population. I dunno. I like the internet. I like chatting away on my blog, whether or not anyone reads it. I like posting photos and videos. And, I enjoy reading and viewing other's posts. I certainly like the ability to look up information, too. I'm not as keen on cell phones, but maybe if I had one that did everything but wash my dishes, I'd be hooked.

The thing is, all of this keeps looking more and more like Big Brother and The Matrix combined. That's scary. Part of me says it just means we need to be careful and part of me says we're lulling our caution. I guess the answer is to find that place between blindness and paranoia.

I definitely woke up thinking, today.


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Recipes! Added

Woo hoo! &amp;#58;&amp;#112;girl: Now I'm cookin'!!

I've switched all the recipes to blog format (the Recipes! blog) and updated the kitchen page to reflect that


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I'm stressed. I'm not really sure why, but the craving to eat even though I'm not at all hungry is a pretty good sign. I'm trying to drink more instead, but that's working only so-so.

Part of it is because I woke up from a dreadful dream.


I'm going to write it down (but not here) and see if I can make a story of it at some point. What made it so unpleasant was that it was about the people in my life. The same story with actors or made up characters (which is really how some dreams do come to me) would not have been disturbing.

I have spent the last two days playing with the blog set-up at my website (where I'm posting this). I've been wanting to change my website for some time. This one simple (not that I understand how it works) application is going to make that so easy for me.

Mostly my website is for me. I direct my family to it when there are things of interest to them. (One brother regularly uses my spaghetti recipe.) I hope other people find it and look around and maybe see something interesting, but mostly it's for fun. At the same time, I want the writing section of the site to be serious. Maybe someday I actually will get something published. I hope that what I post there will reflect some of my writing talent. Most people who read my stories and poetry seem to like them. If any of it gets published (not what's on the site, but new stuff), I can direct people to that. I dunno. I need to see what else I should have there.

No one cares about my revamping, but that's all that's on my mind after spending two days and planning more. I have no sense of balance, I guess. I go all out for something until I'm bored with it and move on to something else. The rest of my life is cleaning and laundry today.

I haven't even been reading, although I've been trying to spend an hour with Jig before I fall asleep at night. It just doesn't happen when I don't hit the bed until 4 or 5 am. I wonder if I "trained" myself not to read during the day. Some kind of not-really-working-now ADD self adjustment. I always find some other "work" to do, even when that doesn't really need to be done and I'd really rather be reading.

OK... I'm just babbling here. Not sure why. Maybe trying to make some kind of sense of my mood or make a connection. Anyway, I think I'll just end this now, and go back to revamping the website.

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Small Changes

Not that small to do, but I got Llyan's and Ruby's pages switched to albums in the photoblog. I also got some Crater Lake photos into the photoblog, but haven't gone back yet to connect it to whatever else I had for it.

It's tomorrow, already. I need to get some sleep!


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&amp;#58;&amp;#119;&amp;#97;&amp;#118;&amp;#101;&amp;#58; This is more plans than an update.

I still have a lot to learn about this blog set up, but I really like what I've learned so far!

I think I will be posting most of my photo pages in the photo blog rather than making special pages for them. This will depend on a few things, like how I can integrate the blog into other parts of the website.

Meanwhile, I have posted some photos form our 2005 trip to Crater Lake.

What I want to do is to be able to have each album linkable without necessarily having it cross over to other albums in the blog.

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