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On January first Nathalie Kalbach of N*Studio started her Creative Jumpstart 2016 workshop. At the last minute in December (29th?) I decided to join.

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Stitch 15 : French Knot

As usual I am pretty much behind on posting any of the TAST stitches that I have done. I have done some stitching, although not as far behind, I'm behind on that, too.

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Stitch 25:Twisted Chain

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Holding Fast to Dreams by Freeman A. Hrabowski, III

Holding Fast to Dreams: Empowering Youth from the Civil Rights Crusade to STEM Achievement  by Freeman A. Hrabowski, III


At first when I finished Holding Fast to Dreams I felt a sense of braggadocio. I had to think about it. I believe this is mostly because I was expecting something more autobiographical.  

While the book does contain some autobiographic background, the focus is on Hrabowski's accomplishments. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that it's not so much braggadocio as  "I did this. You can do it, too."  Hrabowski is offering UMBC as an example of success  both to other campuses and to students and would be students. From this perspective it's an interesting read for anyone interested in higher education and those seeking ideas for improving it.



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Happy New Year

AH, a new year and a clean slate. Well, a clean calendar anyway. I would like to say thatI will be so much more diligent about posting here than I have been. All I can really say is that I will try. I have lots of creative thing in the works for this year, not to mention a lot of UFOs that I'd like to work on (well, some of them, anyway). With a skill level of about a two, organization is still my biggest impediment in anything, but especially blogging.

I have a bunch of stuff to waiting to be posted.

  • two or three book reviews
  • TAST stitches
  • er, something, but I can't remember at the moment

I'll try to get to them between now and next Friday


Hope 2016 started out well for everyone and continues to get better each day!

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