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  02:55:00 am, by Airycat   , 78 words  
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Added More book Reviews

I'm continuing to add book reviews I've written elsewhere. I figured out how to post them order they were written. Hopefully, that will reflect an improvement in the review writing that a hodgepodge order would not make clear. I still have a way to go before I consistently write a really good book review, but I am learning and I think all my reviews will give someone an idea of whether they might like the book or not.


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More Books!

We can't go to Marco Polo's Restaurant without stopping in at The Book Bin and I can't go into a book store without getting something! I restrained myself and got only three books, but Iqbal also got three books and Alex got three LPs. Then I ended up surfing around at LibraryThing after I added the new books. I can't keep up with my flist and other blogs as it is, but I added more. ::sigh::

Well, at least I always have plenty of choice in what to read, online and off!

I also got a copy of Feverblau in the mail Wednesday. I got it cheap, and since it's no longer available new, I don't feel bad about it. Otherwise I really do try to get a new copy of the books of the writers on my flist.

Since I got my last review done and the next review book hasn't arrived yet, I can read what I want. Should it be some dense theo-philosophy (Teilhard) or a goblin story? Goblins win!


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Fixed Glitch

Fixed the glitch in the photoblog. I hope I got all the affected posts.


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Outcasts United by Warren St. John

I see a world where all people accept each other as friends and neighbors and celebrate each person's uniqueness as a vital part of everyone's life, like threads in a tapestry.

This is my statement of my life vision. It's still more dream than reality, but every now and then something comes along that encourages me about the possibilities. Outcasts United: A Refugee Team, an American Town is one of those encouragements.

Outcasts United is not a feel good story about a refugee soccer team that makes good. It's about the refugees and about the town into which they've been relocated. It's about a woman who saw a way she could help some of the refugee boys do well in their new environment. It's about the clash of cultures, but it's also about a weaving of those cultural differences that creates the tapestry when it works. It's about prejudices overcome and still blatant.

Warren St. John has a clear writing style that is easy to read. He knows how to describe a soccer game so that I can see it being played in my head. We aren't left with stereotypes that simple words like 'Arab' or 'African' may leave in our minds without further definition. St. John doesn't skimp on the background information of the players and their countries. He also manages to retain enough journalistic distance to paint the real life characters as neither saints nor sinners.

This is a book I hope others will read and come away from with a better understanding of the 'strangers' around us, not only refugees, but anyone in our community who is different from us. I hope it can help us identify our own failings and successes, to see that while for the most part we aren't horrible failures at tapestry making, neither are we great successes, yet.

Outcasts United


  08:17:00 pm, by Airycat   , 324 words  
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Book Fix

Mom has been bugging me to take her to a local used book store. This one is across the river and has street parking on a busy road. I wasn't keen on it. This week they are having a sale, so I gave in. Used books stores do well when we go into them.

A few weeks ago we ate at Marco Polo's and, at their new (and nicer) place, they are right next to The Book Habit. (Don't you love the names of used bookstores?) It makes for great after dinner perusing and I came away with an armload of books. I came away with more from the Readers Guide to Recycled Literature. Fortunately, because of their sale, I actually spent less. My focus today was poetry (6 books), although I also came away with some fiction and biography (5 more books).

I was going to work on my website some more this evening, but I think I will read instead. I'm almost finished with Outcasts United: A Refugee Team, an American Town (available April 21) and want to get the review written quickly. Goblin Quest is also waiting for me to get back to it. I had started it when Outcasts United arrived and found it delightful. I stopped only because I wanted to get the review done in timely fashion.I also want to see if I can start some poetry today. It's nagging me. A different kind of nagging. Usually the poem is already starting in my head when it nags. Now I simply feel the urge to write with paper and pen. I'm not sure what to write, but the word 'butterfly' keeps coming to me. And then I thought 'chickadee,' though that may simply be because I have a plush chickadee here on my monitor. I'm off to see what's in my head that wants to come out. (and that made me think of something creepy or even gruesome a la Alien).

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I see a world where all people accept each other as friends and neighbors, and celebrate each person's uniqueness as a vital part of everyone's life, like threads in a tapestry. -F. Shafer Junaid


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