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The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Inner Peace: The Essential Life and Teachings

I read this little book in one night. The first half of the book gives a brief autobiography, a summary of the state of Tibet and a summary of the state of the world. None of this is in depth. In the second half of the book, he talks about his own beliefs and how they bring inner peace. The book, as a whole, gives a good background of who the Dalai Lama is, in a well rounded, if not detailed, manner. I have several books in my library by the Dalai Lama, but I'm glad that I read this one first

The book is the words of the Dalai Lama, himself, but the book was put together by Frédérique Hatier. The quotes are kept individual and titled topically. Reading the quote following any title would provide food for thought, and for the most part would be suitable meditation for any religious belief. Even as a Christian, though I disagree with some of his beliefs about God, his words provided me the opportunity to affirm my own beliefs. Though we disagree on that one point, there is very little else we disagree on. And there is no argument with this disagreement. Our paths vary slightly (much less than I thought, though the one point is a major one), but our goals are the same. We both desire love and peace for our world.

This is a book I enjoyed reading and will read again, although probably not straight through, but rather, as an adjunct to my personal meditations.

Little Book of Inner Peace

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Photoblog Now Has Album Links! (Recipes! format revised, too)

With some help from Ed at the B2 forums, I figured out how to get the albums listed.

I also saw a lot more stuff on the widget pages. I hadn't really looked at those before, but now that I know they are there, I will be checking them out to see if any are useful to me.

The catagories widget already was on my Recipes! blog, but I figured out how to move it. The side bar there now is more efficient. Now I just need to add more recipes!


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Goblin Quest by Jim C. Hines

I was delighted by Goblin Quest by Jim C. Hines. I couldn't imagine liking a goblin, but Jig is a very likable character, without giving up all of his goblin-ness. The story kept my attention the whole way through. Despite interruptions, I could always start where I left off without having to go back a few pages to get back into it.

Though the quest plot is pretty straight forward, Hines gave Jig and company enough twists and turns to keep it interesting. I was never able to predict what was coming next. Despite the twists and turns nothing seemed contrived. At about page 275 I was certain I knew where to find the rod of creation. I was wrong, but where it actually was, was much more satisfying.

The only negative thing I can think of in this book is that the human characters are one sided. There was a bit of background about them that explained them a little, but we never saw any depth. Darnak, the dwarf, was given much depth. The elfin girl fit in between Darnak and the humans.

This all works OK though, because this is Jig's story, not a human one. While it would have been nice to have more character depth for all the characters, what is there reflects Jig's interaction with those characters and he tried to have as little interaction with the humans as possible. He had the most interaction with Darnak. Riana, the elfin girl, was usually very guarded with him

To my surprise, I also found that this story had me thinking about the nature of God and man's (and goblin's and others') relation to and faith in God and God's relationship with all of his creatures. This was totally unexpected. This is not a pretentious story. The "magic," from a god and otherwise, is an integral part of the story and doesn't insist on the reader thinking beyond the story. But it's there if you want to think about it.

I'd recommend this book for anyone who wants a light and fun story to read. It was particularly relaxing to me after reading several "literary" novels in a row.

Goblin Quest


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Added More book Reviews

I'm continuing to add book reviews I've written elsewhere. I figured out how to post them order they were written. Hopefully, that will reflect an improvement in the review writing that a hodgepodge order would not make clear. I still have a way to go before I consistently write a really good book review, but I am learning and I think all my reviews will give someone an idea of whether they might like the book or not.


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More Books!

We can't go to Marco Polo's Restaurant without stopping in at The Book Bin and I can't go into a book store without getting something! I restrained myself and got only three books, but Iqbal also got three books and Alex got three LPs. Then I ended up surfing around at LibraryThing after I added the new books. I can't keep up with my flist and other blogs as it is, but I added more. ::sigh::

Well, at least I always have plenty of choice in what to read, online and off!

I also got a copy of Feverblau in the mail Wednesday. I got it cheap, and since it's no longer available new, I don't feel bad about it. Otherwise I really do try to get a new copy of the books of the writers on my flist.

Since I got my last review done and the next review book hasn't arrived yet, I can read what I want. Should it be some dense theo-philosophy (Teilhard) or a goblin story? Goblins win!

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