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  09:42:00 pm, by Airycat   , 69 words  
Categories: Needlework

Dragonfly & Dolphin

Today I received this delight in my mail:

Postcard Received

This was a real day brightener! It was for a postcard swap I did over at Stitchin Fingers.

Below is the postcard I sent to my swap partner.

Postcard Sent

I had fun with this and hope to do more swaps in the future.

(But first I need to make one for my BFF to whom I haven't written in way too long!)

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Categories: General Sewing


Finally! I got the deck chair cushions done.  My advice to anyone wanting to do these is "Don't!" Well, it's not that bad, but it was a pain. The outdoor fabric is very stiff and it's like trying to sew cardboard. There is no drape, no give in the way I'm used to fabric having. It constantly would knock something over or not move through the machine, because if it encountered something as I was sewing, it would not fold and pile up. It either pushed it or stopped, depending on which was stronger. If I were to do these again, I would do separate seats and back cushions. I did it this way because that's how the original cushions were done... Except that I did mine more simply without box shaping and piping.



(You can click on the photos to take you to Photobucket for larger versions and also see the ones I took at midnight last night, when I finished.)

Now we can sit on the deck in comfort.

Next deck projects:  1)Hammer in the nails that have popped up -- or better yet, replace them with screws. 2) paint the metal furniture and flower pot holders. #1 will get done one way or the other. I hope to get #2 done this summer, but if it doesn't, we'll survive. I have so many projects and summer is so short.


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Categories: Chitchat


Iqbal had his knee surgery. All went well. I'm rather impressed that he doesn't need much pain medicines. He does his limited walking using a walker. He does his exercises faithfully. Based on his experience with his shoulder years ago, I can say that he will recover completely on time or ahead. The doctor says we will see s great improvement over the old, worn knee.

Since he went into the hospital, I have not spent much time online. I was in the hospital with him and Wednesday night I was cleaning. Apparently knee surgery is particularly susceptible to infection. I didn't think all the dust, cat and dog hair floating around would be good.


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Categories: Experiments

Blooms on Fabric

Last week  Jude Hill had a comment and pictures on her blog about a petunia that was sitting overnight on wet silk and the lovely mark it made. It got me to thinking.

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GIMPing Through the Blahs

GIMPing Through the Blahs

Unlike apparently most of the rest of the country, Oregon doesn't seem to realize that it's almost summer. It feels more like early May than mid June, to me. The temperatures aren't bad, but, when coupled with dark days and rain,  I wake up and want to go back to sleep again. It also does something to my allergies that aren't exactly allergies. I think it's actually some combination of barometric pressure, humidity and temperature changes (and sometimes pollen adds to it). Whatever it actually is, it can cause unpleasant reactions in my body. Yesterday I woke up and thought I had died in my sleep. Or maybe I was wishing I had. My head felt huge and hammered and my sinuses were stinging.  Needless to say, I haven't had much energy to do things. Not even mental energy. I was going to finish the chair cushions for the deck, but... Well, we aren't ready to sit out there, yet, anyway.

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