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After being locked out of my own site for no-one-knows-why since May 17 (Posts after that date were written ahead.), I am finally back. YAY!! Hooray!!  

I will have some updates on TAST, some studio journaling, and maybe a book report or two, but first I have to update the blog program. That may take a while because I'm not particularly knowledgeable about CSS and .php documents and there are a few things that won't correct themselves with an update and will require me to play around with stuff.

I am on a lifelong quest to be organized. It's apparently not a natural thing for me to be and it seems I just keep getting worse instead of better. I'd hate to think how bad I'd be if I weren't trying. I may post something about my progress, such as it is, but it's mostly housework that I'm working on, now. Not anything exciting. Once I get through a heavy annual cleaning, I do have some quilt/embroidery projects I hope to be working on.


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Her Sister's Shadow by Katharine Britton

This is a good story. I especially liked the chapters set in 1966 to 1969. It rings true to the time to me. I have a little difficulty with the chapters set in 2009. Bea seems to be older than she is and Lilli seems younger than she is. However, it's not unrealistic that that is really how they are. It's just that the people I know in their 70s seem younger and more alert than Bea and those around 50 seem more mature. Although this annoyed me, within the context of the story, it explains a lot. It's the only thing that makes sense with her reaction to Randall. Considering Lilli's age ind 1969and the short time she knew him, it seems unlikely that she would have continued to feel in 2009 as she did in 1969 unless she were immature.  

Overall, the story is not unpleasant, and despite the little annoyances about Bea's and Lilli's ages I really did enjoy reading this.


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Bombay Time by Thrity Umrigar

This would have been a good book to share with a book discussion group, or literary class. The story unfolds in a leisurely manner. It starts with who I think it is the main character, but by the end I was immersed in "Bombay Time" and all of its characters.  It's one of those stories that are small and huge at the same time.

As I waited for the plot to unfold, I was caught up in the lives of the tenants of Wadia Baug. Not much happened and so much happened. There is a plot but it is not a fast-paced plot. In the course of an evening, we have attended a dinner party, but we have also seen this how everyone else arrived at that time and place If you're looking for an action story this is not the book for you. If you want to understand people and be temporarily immersed in a different culture, this book is perfect.


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Stitch 30: Long Tail Chain, plain beaded and whipped

Stitch 30: Long Tail Chain, plain beaded and whipped

This is not a good photo. When I finish this one, I'll give it a good damp stretch and take some decent photos. I do have some tension problems, both with and without a hoop, so I suppose there will still be some puckering.

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Stitch 29: Barb Stitch

Stitch 29: Barb Stitch

I like this stitch, but it's taking me forever to finish this little rectangle

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