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  09:39:00 pm, by Airycat   , 494 words  
Categories: Needlework

I'm back? sort of

The sewing studio is still not really cleaned. I don't expect it to be anytime soon.

My helpers aren't really that much help.

(WOW! She could compete with Grumpy Cat here!)

However, if I wait for it to be cleaned I will never get anything else done.

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  09:48:00 pm, by Airycat   , 29 words  
Categories: Chitchat


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I joined this site to follow a blog, so I'm also adding my blog there.


::sigh:: I really need to do some updates here!


  05:18:00 pm, by Airycat   , 356 words  
Categories: Needlework, Hand Embroidery, Stitches, TAST

TAST 67, 68, 69, 70 & 71

Only a little imagination with this. Mainly, I just kept up.

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  04:06:00 pm, by Airycat   , 288 words  
Categories: Chitchat, Blogs

A Little Business!

Welcome, Registered Users!

Since I installed registration for my blog, I have acquired 62 registered users. That is great...BUT... Not one user has left a return website, a comment, or even a real name. If you are really interested in  following my blog, I'd really like to know more about you. Do you have a blog? Do you like/do needlework (my largest blog category)? Do you like arts/crafts? Do you garden? Are you a book lover? Are you a writer? Do you use/play with computer graphics programs such as GIMP?  These are the things I post about, mainly. If you are following me, I'd like to reciprocate [though, be forewarned, I'm very haphazard (see previous post )].

If you have registered...

If you have a commercial website, and that's the only reason you registered, I'm not interested in website design help, watches or any of the typical spam. If you're selling something related to my interests, I'll look, but no promises to buy. Comments are moderated, and I will delete anything I consider spam. If something is related to my post and it appears you actually read what I wrote and are interested, I don't mind sharing that...BUT I'm not going to be easy with my judgements. I have received too much spam for that.

If you are registered/following because of TAST, stichin fingers the Sketchbook Challenge, or because you somehow ended up here and liked something you saw, please, leave a comment on this post with your blog/website url. I will go look and probably comment back. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will add your url to your profile. (I think it will link with your comments. I still need to figure out some of the back room  for registration.)

  03:18:00 pm, by Airycat   , 262 words  
Categories: Chitchat


I can't keep up! There are so many things to do--housework, stitching, painting (both arty and functional)! There are so many interesting websites and blogs to follow! There are so many books to read. So many plants to plant and water and weed! It might take ten of me to do it all. Or more. Plus I need to get some snail mail written. I'm surprised I blog as often as I do.

I'm going to try to catch up on some blogging over the next few days. Maybe I'll succeed.

What's coming:

TAST -- I have kept up at least in a very basic way (single catch-up post)

Sketchbook Challenge -- I haven't kept up at all, but I did do some, recently. (single post)

WIP -- Mostly non stitch work, mostly garden, but even that is still WIP and not finished. (Probably a single post)

Book Reviews -- Several books, though not as many as I've read. (1 post per book)

I wish I could figure out a schedule that I can follow and that allows for the inevitable interruptions without too much loss of momentum. Some weeks feel like a series of interruptions. Not all are bad, but all do disrupt my momentum. My other option (and probably the only one that will really work, if I do it) is to stop trying to accomplish "X" things and just do what I can each day and accept that. On the few occasions I've tried to work that way, I actually accomplished more. Probably because I spent zero time stressing over what I wasn't getting done.

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