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That doesn't sound exciting. It really isn't, either, but I did cheer the subject up a bit. In 2013, I took one of those orange chamois cloths I got at the state fair and cut it into eight pieces to use as dishcloths. I did some machine redwork on them to cheer them up. It was a learning experience. They're good little cleaners, but the key word there is "little." Add to that the fact that orange is not my favorite color and, meh.

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I Was Here

And then I wasn't here and I wasn't stitching? And I wasn't reading either. Or gardening. In fact, I really didn't do much of anything the whole of 2014. My energy crisis is still not resolved, but we're working on it.

 I have missed stitching, especially. And reading. My tablet gave out just after Christmas 2013 and so I have a lot of catching up to do on blog reading. I received a new tablet this Christmas and started catching up the other day, but still have plenty to read. This Christmas I also received about eight books. Seven of them are fiber art books. Woohoo! A couple of them are good reads, but not a whole lot more. By ?more? I mean there are no projects or practice examples to do. One of those turned out to be something I already knew pretty well. (computer printing on fabric) I would like to go through the rest of them trying out the samples, and if not the projects, I would like, at least, to make some samples of my own, using those projects' techniques.

Well, I can't say I haven't been doing anything at all. I did work on making kaleidoscope designs ?a lot. There's something very soothing about a kaleidoscope when you're too tired to do anything else. The other day I discovered a tutorial on how to create vector images. I'm hoping that I can take some of my kaleidoscope designs and turn them into embroidery designs to share. This will take me a while, however. I haven't quite figured it out yet. I want to stitch up a couple of them, myself.

Hopefully, 2015 will be a better year. I have lots of things on my list and a bunch of UFOs that I need to finish.

 After reading several blogs where the bloggers chose a word for the year, I decided to choose a word also. Actually, I think I've done this before, but then never followed up on it. This year I hope I follow through. I have chosen the word that's really good for me, one I need to pay attention to. That word is ?focus.? As someone with ADD, I always have a gazillion things going at once. Too often, none of them gets done. I'm hoping that as I meditate on the word focus, it will help me to keep on track and get things done. At least, more done than before.

The only major stitching project, that I have in mind, is a crazy quilt/memory quilt of my mom. I have the basics worked out in my head. The blocks will be fairly large and use fabrics that she really liked. (Some of it was hers.) It will total nine blocks. On the center block, will be a photograph of her. I'd like to get the blocks created this month and then work on one every month or two. I think I can finish the embroidery and embellishment in one month, but I don't want to put pressure on myself. And did I say I wanted the blocks to be large? I'm thinking about 18 inches square. I may change that as I'm putting them together depending on how they look at the fabrics I have.


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Still Here, Still Stitching

I've been dealing with several, so far minor, issues, including some intermittent, but growing in frequency, fatigue, for the past couple of months. It can be anything from feeling worn out to being utterly exhausted before I even get up. I  never had a lot of energy to begin with, so this has not been appreciated.  Hopefully, we'll get it resolved soon.

Posting here has been the first casualty.  It's much easier to read facebook or blogs, than it is to post. I have been doing some stitching, and I took pictures. I'm going to try to get some posts written this weekend, but I'll post one a day (unless you read through LJ, which often immediately posts my delayed entries). I want to create some sort of work/post schedule, but haven't figured out exactly what it's going to be, yet. I need to figure out something that helps me spend less time on the computer online, with more computer time spent designing or digitizing. And even MORE time, actually working in the studio.

My sister reduced her stash, and I was a lucky recipient of much beautiful and appreciated fabric, but I don't have enough room for it all. My plan is to "Just Quilt." I have tons of patterns and  In The Hoop quilt block designs. None of the fabric matches either the patterns or designs, but that's what will make them unique. I also have some started quilts to finish (both my own and Fern's). And I want to keep doing hand embroidery, even if it's just TAST. I really love it and find it relaxing. There is also a class I want to take. And a couple I already purchased from Craftsy and need to DO!


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Resolutions? Me?

I'm horrible at resolutions. As a result, I rarely make any. This year is no different. On the other hand, I do like to make some kind of plans, to have some path and destination.   (Long, wordy post follows.)

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New Studio Journal

I started out with an old wallpaper book I got from my local Sherwin Williams store.



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