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Upcoming Updates


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Upcoming Updates

Time passes so darn fast! I think I have enough time to do something. Then I barely get started and I should be done. Where does the time go?

I puttered around in the studio ...

The sewing studio is about 90% tidied up. I can see things, but it's not exactly organized. Things are simply put away (well most things), out of sight,  not organized. The art studio is still petty much a disaster. I turned my desk 90° and moved the computer from the west to the east wall -- right next to the doorway to the sewing studio. Once the room is cleaned, I think the flow from room to room will work better for me.

The computer is a story in itself. I kept all my needlework files on my 2T hard drive. The files consisted of EVERYTHING needlework. I had thousands of machine embroidery files, sewing patterns, quilt patterns, hand embroidery patterns, crochet  patterns, knitting patterns, related e-zines, and lotd of articles. I was transferring things to the  hard drive from the laptop and somehow I managed to break the USB connection on the drive. The drive itself was fine, so I wasn't worried about it. I called my computer person and asked if it could be put into the computer. No problem... I thought.

My art computer is very old. It was Windows XP when XP was brand new, but the drive had accidently been erased just before my mom got it, so it was running Ubuntu. I really, really like Ubuntu, except for one thing. Most programs run only on Windows or Mac. I had tried all the Ubuntu/Windows cross fixes (or whatever they're called), and none was really satisfactory. So when my husband got a new computer, I asked for his old one, which he had upgraded to Windows 10 from Vista. This was the computer I gave to my computer tech to put the USB-less drive into. I also asked for more RAM.

It should have worked fine, but here were complications. The main, and biggest problem was that that computer was too limited and couldn't really handle Windows 10. It was s...l...o...w...e...r than molasses in January. Computer tech called to let me know it would take a day or two longer to transfer files. I didn't know a transfer was needed. That was fine and I was appy to get it back ... until I wanted to open some embroidey files. My files ended at the "Classes" folder.  The embroidery files were in the "Needlework" folder. I called tech and gave the computer back to retrieve the rest of my files. The process was so time consuming on that old Vista grade pc that she ended up giving me another computer that worked faster and smoother. And she realized I wasn'r exaggerating about having over a terrabite of files.

I ended up sending it back a third time, but, alas! relatively few embroidery files, and as far as I've gone, many files are corrupt. I'm still installing the embroidery program, so I don't know if the ones I have are good or not. All is not lost, howevr.

I was looking at my office computer, and my poor housekeeping proved beneficial. Because I hadn't yet cleard out a bunch of old files transferred from my previous computer, and from switching from Windows to Ubuntu and back again, and simply in my "to be filed" folder, I've been able to find a lot of the embroidery files. About 99% of the files I bought are on disk or in my purchases folder at the websites, and are retrievable. I've lost only some of the free files. (The fact that I don't really know what I've lost, for the most part, indicates no point in stressing about it.)   A large portion of my patterns and pdfs are in my Craftsy account. Only a few of those will be unavailable. Although I won't be able to get back other pdf files and hand embroidery patterns that were images (mostly because I don't remember which ones I had) I know several places I can find the images when I want them. I probably still have more than I will actually use. And I think I can get two of my favorite e-zines replaced (I hope).

A positive side effect is that I'm cleaning of the office computer. Hopefully, I will also be better about proper back ups. I was good about it for a while, but lately haven't even backed up my photos as much as I'd like.


The above was written in June! It should be July, now. Not October!
The main deterrant to working here was a glitch with my FTP.  Jenn at Crosswinds very kindly showed me how to set it up and I finally saw what I had done wrong and was able to fix it. Yay! My goal now it to totally revamp AiryNothing. This could take a week or a year, based on how I get things done.  Autumn is the most difficut time of the year for me, especially as it draws closer to winter.(SAD)  Of course that's when the holidays come, and all I want to do is hibernate, not party! (STRESS!)  It will take a little effort on my part, but my goal is to have the website done by the end of January.  I want it done now, but I know I need to brush up on my html and it wouldn't hurt if I learned about css and php, since those are part of the blog, and generally useful, so I'm told. And just get the place organized! I need to not think of it all at once or I become overwhelmed and freeze.
One change I can make right away is to write here every day. Especially as I get restarted, I imagine it will be a lot of prattle. Eventually I hope to have at least a couple of planned posts. My brain is soaring with ideas, but I need to work on the follow-through.
Eventually, I hope to have (in no planned order):
  • Occasional GIMP/G'MIC tutorials -- I play with this a LOT and sometimes I remember to keep a record of my steps
  • Free digital embroidery designs -- I've been playing a lot with my digitizing program a lot, too. Most of what I have is clipart pictures (a great practice source), but I also have some licensed graphics and some give credit graphics. One of my goals with this is to create embroidery versions of some of my gimp designs
  • Machine embroidery updates
  • Hand embroidery up dates
  • Art journal shares
  • Creative writing
This isn't going to come all at once, and I doubt very much I'll manage to have something from each catagory every week, though that'd be nice. I doubt I'll even manage to post every day, but I will try to post something, even if it's just prattling -- which is pretty much all I've done in this post.
I need to learn not to constantly reread and edit. I spend too much time at it. I think I've caught all the typos. I'm done for now, anyway,
Ta ta

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