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Not Much


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Not Much

Clearly, I still haven't gotten back into the habit of blogging.  Not that much is happening, and yet...

I feel like things are happening,  albeit slowly.

On April 7, my son and nephew came and switched the family room and sewing room. I'm so happy and thankful to them. No way we could have done it without them. I still had to empty cupboards before hand. Unfortunately, I must have lifted more than I should have. I've had pretty serious back aches since then. Well, atually since before then. Apparently "riding" an exercycle desk more than thirty minutes at a time is also hard on the back, so I've actually been hurting since mid March.

Anyway, last week we made a dent in the chaos, but neither my husband has the energy or stamina we used to have (8 hour workdays are impossible), so there's still more than enough chaos left to work on. Today, I discovered my husband hadn't understood anything I explained about returning fabric to the cabinets, so I was reorganizing. Again. I'm not complaining, though. At least I can go from room to room without whacking my hips against boxes. And he got rid of a lot of  "stuff" we didn't need. Alas, I still have plenty of stuff I need to sort and purge.

My goals this week are:

1. Fold and organize fabric.

2. Empty at least one storage bin-purge or put away.

3. Connect Art/Sewing computer.


Creatively, I've been playing with GIMP, as usual. Just playing, but even just playing can give me ideas, (I gotta get the studio finished!!) Most of what I've done remains .xcf files (viewable only in GIMP), but I pulled this one out to show.

I don't know what at this point, but I want to do something physical with this. Maybe an embroidered art quilt.  I was playing with brushes and the G'MIC filter's kaleidosope, relief, symmetry polar transform,  symmetry cartesian transform and fractalize. There's also auto color enhance and   ...   who knows?  I always forget to keep a written record.

That's it for now.

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