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Yep. I'm still alive after all.

Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to get FileZilla and the website to work together, which is more or less what's kept me away. I want to get back to posting more regularly. I certainly hope it goes better than the last time I said that! I won't even hazard a guess about updating the website.

I kinda got away from any kind of needlework for a while, too. However, tomorrow I'm getting my sewing studio moved to a room twice as big and open to my art room. Now I'm getting excited about getting back into creativity! I jotted down a few ideas I wanted to try (and not jotted quite a few). I also have a lot to work on. So I have plenty to work with.

I haven't been not creative, though. Whenever I'm too tired to do anything else, I GIMP. I have lots of GIMP files--lots! Some of my not jotted ideas came from them. I've also learned a few new things which I hope to share in the future.

Right now this is sitting in my GIMP window:

(click for larger view)

It's seven (7) layers of brush experimentation. Part of me likes it as it is. Part of me thinks it's a good background. Maybe it's both. I see now that it's one of those images that have natural "hidden" pictures in them. I see faces, a bird, a Mexican pyramid, and a couple of abstract cats (maybe more).

The other thing I've done is digitizing embroidery designs. So far, I've used mostly copyright free or licensed clip art. I digitized a few of my kaleidoscope designs. Those have mixed results. A couple look good (okay, at least) and the others look like the machine had a fit.  I'd like to have my own unique designsto digitize. That might take a while.

Once I get the website/FileZilla issue worked out (or find another way to upload) I will offer all my digitizations free or nominally priced. I'll put them on the site as I stitch them out to make sure they are what the program shows.

The other thing I've done is a little art journaling. Nothing spectacular. I want to be intuitive, but that's not working lately, so I may look for some prompts. I have several online classes in painting and journaling I'd like to work on. (I also have some needlework classes I want to get to.) ::Sigh:: I definitely have my PhD* in UFOs.*


That's all for today. I'll try to get back next week with more updates (maybe studio pictures).




*PhD=Pojects half Done

*UFOs=UnFinished Objects

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