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New for You!

'April is almost over and this is the first post of the year!! I suppose the main reason is the malaise that has been dogging me. It's also because of the fustration of needing to update the blog software and not being able to because of a glitch between Filezilla and ??? that I haven't been able to resolve. Whether I get that resolved or not ... 

I want to get back to more regular posting. I have TAST stitches and other needlework, as well as some art journaling and mixed media (I hope) and lots of GIMP. I have also cut way back on social media. I'm reading blogs much more sporadically and checking in with Facebook for weekly quick scans and to check out TAST.

It is my hope the have a regular routine of posts.

  • TAST
  • Needlework projects
  • GIMP
  • Art Journal
  • Stories
  • Freebies
I don't know when I will start the routine, but I have some freebies today. Freebies aren't anything major. Something I have become addicted to is making Kaleidoscope designs. I have literally thousands of them now. So many look to me like they would make good embroidery designs. I've taken a couple to embroider, but they are in the WIP/UFO pile because it takes my ADDy self forever to finish most things. I would love to see how others interpret them.
A note about the files: I do not know yet how to make vector files. I still haven't figured out Inscape. Until I ever figure it out, my files will be png files.  As such, the lines aren't as pure and they won't resize as nicely as vector designs, but they still will work.
The first 40 files were also sketched by the computer. I thought it worked very well with these particular designs. That's not always the case, so some others will be hand drawn. There are both dark, heavy lines and also light finer lines in these designs. This is how the sketch program does it. Use them as you will.
There is no specific way the designs need to be done. Although I have included what it looked like before sketching, it's not a stitchout. Use whatever ideas for threads and stitches that come to you. These are all red and gold because the original was red and gold flowers. But the flowers don't need to be red and gold, and sometimes I see faces, or robots, or old phones, or nuts & bolts, or ...well, I have an overactive imagination. The point is to be creative with them. Stitch what you see, or put some together, or add your own additions to them. Since I often think I don't want everything to be cicular (or square, hexagonal, star shaped , or whatever shape  the ring of patterns makes), I'll probably include some of the linear forms of the designs at some time.
To view the fill size image, left click on it.
To download, right click on the image and "save picture," "save image" or "save link" as

And here's a glimps of the entire set:

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