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I'm still trying to get my ftp client to work. Admittedly, I haven't spent too much time on it in the last couple of months, but I have put in another request for help at the FileZilla forum. I hope I can get it corrected soon.

Then, once it's working, I need to update the blog software. I think I've missed three or four updates on that, not that I know what I'm missing. 


Basically this is a personal blog, but it is public and I try/want to post something others find interesting. My criteria for "interesting" is the kinds of things I like to read on others' blogs.   My aim is for more regular short posts and fewer long rambly posts.

I've been irregular at TAST, but hope to catch up on that soon.

I've read several books for which  I hope to have a review/report.

I also hope to start my crazy quilt in 2017. I've been planning it for years. Time to get to work! For that I have digitized some photos for machine embroidery. Other photos are too small to digitize effectively, so I'll print those. I just need to order some more threads.

As for art/painting/journaling, well, I still am trying to figure out what I really want to be doing on that front. Most of my arting lately has been playing on GIMP. I haven't wanted to do much else. I'm not going to worry about it. If I do something, I'll share, but what I most want in that area is to paint some objects (mostly for the garden), so that's probably what it'll be.

I have several online classes I want to work on. I've only actually started two of them. The first one is Jumpstart 2016, which should have been done by last February!  I will continue to work on that haphazardly and just enjoy it. I've already learned more about painters that I ever knew before. The other class is Jude's Spirit Cloth and she has so much that I intended from the start to take that slow and easy in order to absorb and make what I learn my own.

Housework is pretty boring, but I think I'll be doing a lot of that in the next couple of months. I doubt I'll ever be a minimalist, but I definitely need to get rid of some STUFF. Unless I have something unique or insightful, I won't be blogging about that. But it may keep down the number of posts I'd like to do. Of course, I may just not get to the downsizing part, (but I hope I do it).

One goal I've been thinking about is doing more creative writing again. My interests tend to be cyclical and the writing bug is back, I think. I've had a couple of ideas for short (probably short short) stories. There are also things I want to write about in order to develop my own understanding. Writing with the expectation that someone will read it helps me to write more clearly, and therefore I need to think more clearly as I write. That's the idea, anyway. I may put most of this in my writing files and post a link to them. 

And since this has been a rather dull post, here's a recent Kaleidoscope image to brighten the page.

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