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Spirit Cloth


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Spirit Cloth

Spirit Cloth

Today I started on my cloth for Jude Hill's Spirit Cloth 101.

Spirit Cloth

If this post is messed up it's because I'm doing it on my iPhone, which is really too small to write on and I haven't figured out how to get my spelling/typing prompts back on.  Nope. Couldn't do it. Not all the features I use work on the iPhone. Like getting the photos onto the blog. Whatever it did, I can't see where to remove the duplicate photo... even on the desktop. It's not in the html!! Oh, well. I type faster with 2-6 fingers and large enough keys.


Spirit cloth stitching is meditative. I think a lot more goes into it than thread and fabric.

 These are my nine pieces for my block. (click for full size) 

It's sideways and not stitched yet. They aren't as quiet as what Jude would choose, but I'm using scraps and this is what I have. Though I've seen more color recently on her blog. The top left blue is scrap from a shirt I made. (I wonder what happened to it.) The yellow next to it is the back of a crewel pillow I made and my dog Rani, chewed. (Alas she chewed the embroidery not the back of the pillow. The green at the top right was something I made for Alex, I think. The green below that is a scrap from the border of the only large quilt I've made. I'm not really sure what I used the others for, though some may possibly be my sister's sewing scraps.

Well, I have a LOT more, but nothing hand sewable is any quieter than this. My goal is to learn her style of quilting, but do it my way, and I like color, texture and busyness, apparently.

The photo at the top shows the teeny tiny stitching. I need to rewatch the video. I don't remember her stitching being quite so small. That scrap of fabric didn'r have any  pieces large enough.  As it is, I cut all the other pieces to the approximate size of the next smallest piece I had. LOL I also used pinking shears because I havethem.

This is the backside of the stitching.

Before I started stitching, I wondered why she didn't use regular running stitch seams. I don't know her reason, but I realized that I sew a much straighter stitch this way.  I think it's a sturdier seam than a hand running stitch. 

I started this class a week ago Sunday. I've been reading, listening and watching. She also asked students to think about what we wanted, to discover a theme--or not. :) I've been doing that and last night I also looked at quilts on Pinterest. I went through them, and any that I liked I pinned. I pinned lots of quilts. Tonight, and maybe for the next few days, I plan to go through them and figure out why I like them, what it is about them that I like. 

Right now, I plan to make my square template and put the nine patch together.

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